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Organization Case

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February 7, 2013

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to appeal my termination from Alpha Sigma Alpha. While I understand every wrong action has a consequence I do not believe termination is the right one, from this organization I feel so strong for.

I will start with a little bit of background on me as a person. I am from Aurora, Colorado. I graduated from Gateway high school. I am going to school to become a third grade teacher. I one day want to also own my own restaurant because of the passion I have for cooking. The biggest reason I want to be a teacher is so children have someone who will believe in everything they do no matter what. I also work on campus in the Office of Student Activities as well with our Associated Student Government. I am also employed at a pizza hut here in pueblo.

I am the oldest and the smallest in my family. I have two brothers and two sisters, Bryce, Ashley, Chelsea and Sean. Chelsea is nineteen and she has Asperger's Syndrome. I love her just the same and we are still as close as we were when we were children. Ashley is seven and is a miniature me that drive our parents just as crazy although I am not around. Bryce is eleven and is taller than me! Sean and I are four months apart but I am still older. I am a role model to all of them in many ways although Ashley looks up to me the most because she wants to be just like me. All my accomplishments are for these four.

I joined Alpha Sigma Alpha in the spring of 2012. I was dating someone then and was looking for girlfriends. All the women within Alpha Sigma Alpha were different and all brought something of their own to the organization. Everyone wanted to be my big but Tessa is the one I was blessed with. Tessa and I are pretty different from each other. She is quite and to herself, while I am loud and outgoing. My big and I complement each other. She is also one of the best bigs just because when I am feeling down she is always right there to help me through. I remember one day I had posted on facebook how sick I was and how I wish I was at home because my mom could help take care of me and Tessa came over and made me tea and took care of me. I appreciate that more than she would ever know.

While also being in Alpha Sigma Alpha I was one of the few to pay my dues on time. I thought that paying dues was important to help us be able to afford many of the things we do. I also was able to put certain events together. One that we did that I really enjoyed was door decks for our pearls. They were just little welcome to ASA posters for the ladies to show the campus they were a part of our organization. I wanted to take control of the fundraising on campus for not just our organization but also the community.

The time I was with Alpha Sigma Alpha we did some amazing things to help our community. One community service project that was my favorite that we did was Operation paint brush. I loved this because it brought all of us sisters together a long with the community members here within pueblo. I have attended many events on our campus for student leadership to help my organization be successful. One event we have is the student organization retreat. This is a good place for organizations to be a part of to help the organizations grow and become more evolved on campus. I brought many of these ideas to the group of Alpha Sigma Alpha so that these ladies were able to benefit together instead of just me who attended the retreat.

I went through a really tough break up with my boyfriend a little after I joined Alpha Sigma Alpha and without my sisters I am not sure I would have made it through what seemed to be the toughest times. As bad as it sounds I gave the guy I was dating every little piece of me, with the help from my sorority sisters I was able to rebuild myself back up and really realize all my worth. This happened with some well needed sister time and lots of love.

As I mentioned before I am from Aurora Colorado and during the summer of 2012 a horrible tragedy happened in my hometown. Many people that I knew were involved in the tragedy and I just wasn't the same after. I asked for my sisters to pray and just help me through the tough time. Many of my sisters supported me but since the tragedy occurred I am not the same person I once was, I am now more closed off and scared to trust anyone with anything.

I asked many people around me to write letters of recommendation for my appeal of the sorority as you will see also in the contents of this appeal. I cried when I read some of the letters just because I couldn't believe how many people support and love me on this campus. Many of them are advisors and campus staff. Being seen the way I am seen to such important people on campus means more to me than anything else.

As we all know Alpha Sigma Alpha is about developing women of poise and purpose. I don't think that means that I will be that women right away. This is why we have the standards board to keep us on the right track to being that women of poise and purpose.

I am still learning that everything I do I represent more than just myself. I represent my family, friends, co workers, and most of all God. I know that some of my actions aren't the best nor are they ones I wish to be modeled by my siblings or by others around me but I do know that I learn from each and every mistake that I make. As much as I would like to be I am nowhere near perfect, but I do believe I am a woman of poise and purpose. These women are my family, my friends, and most of all my sisters. I took an oath over the bible to be a part of Alpha Sigma Alpha for a lifetime. That to me is so important. I would love to keep that oath and not have it broken due to little mistakes.



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