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On a Cold Night in Seoul

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On a cold night in Seoul, time appears to stream in reverse. Autos and individuals move backward, and snow falls high up. It's chilly, snow falls into the ground like they have their very own lives.

She walks towards him, with a scratch all over her faces as she sees him strolling towards her, blood gushing down his face. She keeps running into his arms, dropping her hair tie, and says, "I trust you, Hades." He held him on his arms, He then muttered a couple of words. "Persephone, my queen, hang in there."

As they grasp, time stops, and afterward everything starts to move backward once more. What sort of divination is this? Things on this time are somewhat insane here.

𝐴 similar fine young lady, Persephone. Awakens from what more likely than not been a fantasy, appearing to be unique with longer hair. She records what she recalls on the notes put on to the window, mumbling at how crazy it was, as Mom comes in and annoys her about her pigsty of a room. It was chaotic, things dissipated simply like how her each fantasy was.

She recorded, saying that she embraced an outsider in her fantasy, for what reason would she embrace a stranger? The outsider even said My Queen' to her which is insane in light of the fact that she's not simply the sort to toss at men. Mother concurs that she shouldn't, not resembling that at any rate.

Meanwhile, Hades was suffering from the pain that stayed on his heart for a long time. He doesn't know why his heart aches but all he knows is that he keeps on dreaming about a girl named Persephone.

The first-run through Hades saw her was in a greenhouse of roses, she was dazzling like a holy messenger. Her hair was tied in a free updo, she was wearing a streaming sundress and pastel pink shoes. He detected her snickering and delicately going through the lavish plants. He felt his heart soften in a flash and just because, a grin showed up on his beforehand dull face.

The second time he saw her was at an exhibition hall, he couldn't quit gazing, he was enchanted by her excellence. They bolted eyes just because, His heart ceased as he and this strange young lady were hypnotized by one another's quality. Her eyes were so splendid and brimming with life. The two of them felt the what they call Deja vu' and that minute made him understood that he required her in his life, he should have her close by it felt practically appropriate to him. He made a guarantee to himself, whenever he saw her he was in any event attempt to frame a sentence.

The third time was unexpected, he never knew he'll have to form a sentence inside the court'. Persephone was a lawyer and he was a prosecutor. He stood there, his eyes stared at her for a long time, he didn't know what to do. His heart ached once again- he closes his eyes, "Persephone, what are you doing to me?" He whispered to himself.

"π‘¨π’π’Β π’“π’Šπ’”π’†"

The court's air hummed with strain as He made a sound as if to speak and kept on talking. "Lobby 6 of the Court is presently in session, Judge Zeus will manage this case. If it's not too much trouble be situated."



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