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Common Viral Cold

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report is on the common viral cold, I would like to

go talk about how it is cought, its symptoms and

how to cure it as quick as possible. The common

cold is cought by coming in contact with some one

who has the virus, thus the cold is cought through

direct contact, from one infected person to the

next, or from, Being in side in the winter time with

the heater on all the time, the lack of air flow is a

great place for air born particles to sit and rest up

the heaters on only move the virus around more.

The best way to avoid catching the cold is not to

shake hands with a person who has a nasty habit

of picking their nose, because the virus then gets

on there hands, and is spread from them to you in

all the happy hand shaking that goes on. As a

matter of fact avoiding hand shakes and washing

your hands is the best way to avoid getting a cold.

Kissing your sweet heart, is no problem if he or

she has the cold, because there is not much of the

virus in saliva, even lingering kisses rarely spread

colds. Using disposable tissues as apposed to

your elegant embroidered handkerchief is a good

way to avoid the cold, because the handkerchief

acts as a little hang out for the virus, it will only

wait for you to touch it to your nose and it will

infect you again. Symptoms for the cold are,

sneezing, coughing, swollen lymph nodes,

wheezing, excessive amounts of mucus, and tired

and drained feeling. The Cold is highly contagious,

and has a very rapid onset of symptoms, and the

incubation period is any ware from 24 to 48

hours. The virus attacks our bodies and uses our

own cells to reproduce themselves, so in ideal

condition a virus can divide every 20 minutes,

which means that in 24 hours one virus can have

16 million offspring. The virus had the capacity to

mutate, so due to the fact that it mutates frequently

our bodies find it difficult to recognize it and it

takes longer to fight the infection. Recovery from

the cold is fairly simple, stay warm (not hot) Get

lots of fluids and rest. Wait the cold out it should

go away in 5 to 7 days, if the symptoms worsen or

drag out for ever then go see a doctor, it might

have turned into an upper respiratory



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