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A Night to Remember

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Reaction of Chapters 1 and 2

I have just finishes reading the first 2 chapters of "A Night to Remember". While I was reading the chapters I was putting all the pictures that I saw in my past with the book. When I was reading I saw that Walter Lord wasn't that much into Similes and metaphors. He had great ways to get the reader interested and not bored. When I read books I normally look for where the plot is when the book starts. When I was reading this novel I thought that it was pretty interesting that right in the first chapter out of 10 he started the great accident with the iceberg. In chapter 1 I saw that John Jacob Astor and his wife were pretty calm; quote on page 15 'He was very calm and Mrs. Astor wasn't a bit alarmed. I read a little more and I saw that everyone was mostly joking around and thinking nothing happened.

When I was reading through chapter 1 I noticed a small part of it that made me put the book down and start thinking for about 10 minutes. This part was on page 3. It says that 'For the next 37 seconds, Fleet and Lee stood quietly side by side, watching the ice draw nearer. Now they were almost on top of it and the ship didn't turn'. I first thought of how they must have felt getting closer by the second to the iceberg. There hearts must have been beating fast from the shivering cold and nervousness from the iceberg. If I would have been standing there in the crows-nest, alive today I would have so many unanswered questions. Why didn't they turn the ship within that 37 second time period? What if Fleet and Lee haven't seen the iceberg and it was too late? Then I thought what if I was there. All I know is that I get scared pretty easily. I would climb out of there and go someplace safe after I banged the bell.

Lord also makes you plan the next chapter when you stop reading to make it more interesting. In chapter 2 when I stopped reading I started writing down a little list of what I thought was most likely to happen next. One of the things on the list was people running up to the captain nervously asking for more information. I got that from the info I already now about the Titanic. When I closed the novel I looked at the cover and read the title to myself a few times. I was thinking why he chose that as the title. Then I saw a small part of it. If I were to pick this novel up from a library and not know



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