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Nature of Logic and Perception

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Essay Preview: Nature of Logic and Perception

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The Nature of Logic and Perception

The meaning of logic is a person's ability to make sense of something. Logic will be different for each individual. This is due to each individual's upbringing, beliefs, and experiences. The meaning of perception is a person's view of something. Again, perception will be different for each individual, due to the same reasons provided above for logic. I have found that my perception can easily be clouded and once that takes place, I find it difficult to think logically.

The working environment of the division I previously worked in was less then pleasant. You were not provided with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed at your job. There was no support structure for the employees. There was no appreciation shown for the employees who did their job. The only time you received feedback was when you did something wrong. With all of these shortcomings, morale became an issue. People, very valuable employees, began to leave and others began to look to leave. I began to speak up, asking if we could begin to make changes to improve the environment. Upper and middle management agreed that there were issues and made promises to fix the issues. After several months of meetings with all the staff and countless promising, nothing changed. I was told numerous times by a middle management staff member that the environment in which we worked was only present at out location. Other locations were quite pleasant to work in. I did not believe this person as I could not believe that upper management would allow such behaviors to continue. I felt that this was surely across the country because no one had stepped in to make any changes.

I have since transferred into another division. It turns out that the middle management staff member was correct. The division I now work in is completely different. You receive feedback, both positive and negative. When you find something that is not working; a tool, a process, a piece of equipment; you can point it out and someone will work to fix it. It has been a pleasant surprise. I now enjoy going to work again.

The difference between the two divisions I worked for is the upper management staff. The upper management staff I currently work for takes the time to get to know their employees. They appreciate the people that work for them. They are involved with the staff and know what is going on within the business on a daily basis. The upper management staff does not distance themselves from what is going on in the levels below them. They do not point fingers and blame. They take suggestions from anyone on how to improve things and implement them if they fall in line with the business plan. If they cannot implement a suggestion, they explain why. They make all employees feel like they are part of the business and that they matter. All of these steps make the employees happy and more productive, which in turn helps the company. Such simple and small things produce such great outcomes for the business and employees alike. I do not understand why such practices do not go



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