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My Special Person Essay

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"When I entered the classroom, for the very last time, I looked around at every little detail, many of which I'd probably ignored, for the past four years. Birds were singing in a synchronised melody as they flew past our classroom window. There was the natural aroma of fresh coffee coming from the teacher's lounge next door. My classmates were sitting at their usual desk waiting for the first lesson to begin. But something was different today, something wasn't right. And as I entered the classroom it hit me, like an unseen rocket headed to my heart...

... The silence.

All eyes were on me, some gave a sorry-you're-leaving-smile, while others looked liked they were about to jump off the nearest window.

These were my friends, not just any old friends of course, they felt like family, I grew up with these people and at that moment as I stared into each of their eyes I realized something, something which had always been staring back at me, these people were special.

Each and everyone had something that made them unique and as they sat there shining like a thousand stars, one of them shined the brightest. Her long silky hair covered half of her face, but I knew she'd been crying, he chestnut coloured eyes tried to avoid meeting mine but when we did exchange glances, I have her a sympathetic smile and she returned the favour.

The rest of that day was full of tears, hugs, a surprise party, games presents and goodbyes.

That day will stay with me forever. However I am glad to say that wasn't the last time I saw my friends and I'm even more glad to say that wasn't the last time I saw my best friend.

Its funny how two people, who are connected, become even closer when they're apart.

Fortunately Ginevra came to visit me in London twice after that, but I went back to see her in my hometown every year. As the years past, and as we grew, our friendship grew stronger, like an ever-growing tree, sending it's roots deeper and deeper into the ground. Every year she would wait for me with open arms. Some people get worn-out with long distant friendship, but not her, she would always stick by me and never let me down.

When I lived in Italy for all those nine years I never



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