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My Brother - Personal Essay

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In 2001 June 10 a little blue boy eye boy was born he didn’t realize it but the two that he had without his twin brother would be the best two minutes of his life. So later on there was another blue eye boy born but for somehow and for some reason he looked just like me.

So this is my story which most of it is all with my brother and is a person who has shaped me to who am as of today. So growing up I was born in to sort of a blue collar family. With a sister that was 4 and her name is Macie who has been my best friend so I could remember she is an outgoing person who will be straight forward even in the toughest situations. Also I grew up with great parents who would never miss anything for me and my twin brother they were also there cheering us on whether if it was dad being super dad by yelling “goooooo cougars” or even yelling “that’s my boy” he was always my biggest fan.   For my Mom she has been there for me through the toughest time of my life which was 2 years ago when I had my scoliosis surgery which was probably the most painful thing I will go through in my life.  Especially since I hadn’t realize how it would go I just thought it would be simple and I could go back to doing daily things that I would do on any given day. But after my surgery oh though it went well I was in a lot of pain and had been not getting any sleep throughout the day or night. Furthermore going on to when . I was born in Kingsville but lived in San Benito for a year until my parents realized that we needed a bigger house. So they went looking around for about a month and found a house that was in treasure hills that needed a lot of work. So they wanted to fix it up but what they didn’t know is that putting in a whole yard of grass is a lot of work since the house didn’t have any so they had renovated the house to where on day it would meet there expectations. So later on a few years later I had been going to Treasure Hills Elementary where I had met a solid group of friends that had been with me until going into high school we all kind of found the ways that we wanted to go and just went separate paths. But realizing it now I wish that I could go back in time and stay close to some of them because now it is just awkward sometimes talking to them. Furthermore, going into junior year reality had hit me which is that I was never really a great person to stay close to I always had bounders that if someone got to close I would hesitate and just slowly fade away and not get close to them because I have a problem trusting people. As of now I love cherishing the moments with my family because at the end of it family is that matters because they will be with you through the thick and thin.



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