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My Advancement - Personal Essay

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       Whenever I think about my childhood, I think of much disappointment and very little joy.  I was brought into this world by parents whose journey in life was about themselves.  In my early childhood I was forced to accept many arguments between my parents, new addresses every few months which meant new schools, no food in the house, on occasion no electricity and most importantly no love, or no happy interactions with my parents.  Subsequently, my parents divorced which showed me that my mother did not want to be in my life.  My father was given custody of my little brother and myself.  He was still trying to recover and find his way in life which made it difficult for him to have small children in his vision of the future.

     My grandparents who was his mother and father, came to our rescue.  The courts gave Michael and I custody to our grandparents.  Our environment immediately changed to much positivity for our futures.  Starting from the seventh grade I was guaranteed that I would have the opportunity to develop relationships within the setting of a good school environment.  The sense of belonging has helped me foster good social relationships.  I gained a sense of motivation to study which helped me maintain a decent grade point average through high school while sustaining a rigorous golf training schedule.

      I have been able to eliminate many of the negative feelings from my early childhood.  The demands and frustrations of high school have completely disappeared since joining and accepting my grandparent’s way of life.  I no longer look at my daily challenges as situations that are difficult.  I now enjoy the chance to work towards positive outcomes for the opportunities that appear in my pre-adult life.  With this new-found successful journey, I have enjoyed searching for the career path which will generate the happiness of accomplishment on a continual basis.

    I started off with volunteering at a local veterinarian for two summers since I was leaning towards a profession as veterinarian within the animal world.  I have much gratitude for the time spent during those summers, it has allowed me to expand my focus into the medical professions.  I took the opportunity to take a Health class in my junior year that helped me discover my desire to become a physician.  I previously had attended an open house for veterinarian at Texas A & M which was extremely resourceful.  After my visit to Texas Tech, I was fortunate to gain the audience of a few physicians at a local hospital for interviews obtaining information to help me make a sound decision to move my career path to medicine.



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