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Mktg 578 Week 1 Video Case Study

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Essay Preview: Mktg 578 Week 1 Video Case Study

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MKTG 578



Question 1:

How successful do you feel CNS has been in trying to put their product in each of the markets it has entered? How does this success relate to brand equity?

        CNS Breathe Right Strips’ message was very clear and simple: ‘’Breath right, right now.’’ Every commercial highlighted common problems that people usually face: snoring, bad breathe, difficulty falling asleep, allergies, etc. Since the commercials evoked a need of the product for all the people who are facing such problems in their daily lives, it allowed the product to gain traction and most importantly world recognition.

        I believe CNS was very successful in trying to put their product in each of the markets it has entered. In each of their advertisements, they appealed to emotions showing exactly how people and thus their potential customers are struggling every night to have a good night of rest and sleep. The best way for a business to stand out is by building and creating emotional connections with the audience. It seems that CNS has adopted this strategy, and it works! Through commercials, we see wives no longer suffering because of their husbands’ snoring, as well as kids no longer suffering from allergies. Who would be insensitive to this kind of commercials especially when you see that celebrities and athletes around the world have already adopted the product?

        CNS’ business definitely makes sense; it successfully entered each market it targeted because people all over the world have snoring, allergies and sinus issues. It comes without any surprise that their reactions are translated by a simple ‘’WOW’’. Also, before entering any country, a market research is done. In fact, management looks at the size of the over the counter market, the per capita spending by consumers in that market, the future prospects for growth, and the availability of local partners as well as distributor partners. And that’s exactly why CNS is successful: it fulfills customers’ needs along with implementing and establishing a good market research.

        This success relates to brand equity since CNS is introducing a quality product ‘’with the strategy of using the brand as a platform from which to launch future products’’ (Peter H., 1989). Also, CNS is making the brand easy to remember through funny but at the same time emotional commercials. Finally, CNS has succeeded in carrying a strong image thanks to celebrities and athletes who adopted the product.

Question 2:

As a BRAND, how powerful is CNS's brand image?

        CNS’s brand image is very powerful for the following reasons:

  • Clear and strong message: ‘‘breathe right, right now’’
  • Its product has value and fulfills customers’ needs: it allows them to breath and sleep better
  • It has loyal customers all over the world
  • Its ads appeals to emotions
  • It knows how to adapt to each target market in every country by establishing a well-studied market research such as when it found that the actual packaging doesn’t fit its European customers.
  • Its product design is clear and includes its message
  • Many celebrities adopted the product

        Also, CNS’s brand image is powerful because it succeeded in defining its brand. The company is offering a product that will help its potential customers resolve some of their daily lives issues: snoring, allergies and breathing. The company presents its product through commercials that highlight familiar situations. Also, its brand is based around the notion that the strip is for everyone: men, women, kids, athletes, and celebrities. The company has also a big vision, it is always trying to penetrate and target new markets all over the world while keeping its personality, identity and first aim which is to improve its customers’ lives.



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