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Mkt 10007 Fundamentals of Marketing

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MKT 10007 Fundamentals of Marketing

Assignment 1: “What is Marketing?”

Product: Instant noodles

Brand: DADDY

[pic 1]

Name: Sum Sing Yan

Student ID: 101222410

Class: Friday 1030am-1130am

Date: 12-3-2019


The purpose of this report is to explore how the marketing mix influence consumer’s purchase decisions. I’m going to write about how I think Daddy brand instant noodles use Marketing Mix (product, place, price, promotion) into their sales to let people know that they are making the right decisions when buying the product.

2.The product category:

The product that I have chosen is instant noodles by the DADDY brand. This product comes under the food products category and can be placed under instant noodles category. However, the sub-category of instant food also included cup noodles, instant oatmeal, instant curry, etc.

3.The 4Ps:

a) Product

The product sold in a precooked and dried noodle block,with flavoring powder and seasoning oil inside the package. One of the reasons why consumers choose to purchase this product is the convenience of the product such as the amount of time taken to prepare the noodles which is only 2 minutes. Differing from other brands of instant noodles, this 3 in 1 instant noodle can be served in 3 different ways. It could be soup noodles. Dry serving or to be taken as a snack. It has 5 servings of instant noodles in one pack and each serving is 80g. I think the conspicuous yellow colour packaging, cute cartoon trademarks, and the photo of the noodles can be the cause of consumer’s purchase.

b) Place

The instant noodles are widely available everywhere such as hypermarket, supermarket, convenient store or even online shop. I bought the instant noodles at Choice Premier Supermarket. It is usually displayed on the shelf of the instant noodles aisle at the mall. There are various of instant noodles which are neatly placed on the shelf. In addition, the brand and the price of each instant noodles have been classified so that consumer can find the instant noodles easily by noticing the colour and the trademark of  the packaging among all of the instant noodles.

c) Price

The instant noodles that I bought from Choice Premium Supermarket at BDC area cost RM4.40. The date when i collected the pricing information is on 12/3/2019 (Tuesday). However, the competitor product, Maggi brand 80g×5 instant noodles cost RM4.00 and it’s cheaper than Daddy brand instant noodles. Although Daddy brand instant noodles is more expensive than the competitor product, but it provides more convenient such as able to served in 3 ways. Besides that, the texture of the noodle is also quite different than other ordinary noodles. I think that’s why people choose quality than the price.

d) Promotion

Sometimes, the instant noodles will offer one more extra pack of noodles in the package, and also will offer one metal spoon along the package as free gift to push up the sales of the product. Other than that, this product also has buy 1 free 1 promotion during the stock clearance season. I have seen this product advertised on newspaper and Youtube on describing how delicious the noodles are and emphasize that the instant noodles are able to serve in 3 ways. I think the reason that the product put so much effort to do promotion is because they want to keep the loyalty of customer and make their product become more popular, so that the customer will promote the product to the others.



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