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Millipore Case Solution

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Millipore Case Questions 


1.Do you think the Sustainability Initiative’s focus on environmental rather than social issues is appropriate?


This is a tough question, and one that falls in a gray area. We do think that it is important for Millipore to focus on environmental issues. At the same time, it is hard to say that they should focus on environmental issues over social issues. In our eyes, they are both equally important. One thing that think about though, is how environmental issues affect society. A perfect example of this is global warming, which will have a major effect on the lives of everyone.



2.How should Millipore prioritize projects for the Sustainability Initiative?


We believe that Millipore should use the Sustainability Hierarchy to prioritize their projects in the Sustainability Initiative. In our opinion, the Sustainability Hierarchy offers the most logical way of prioritizing their projects, with the most pressing projects being completed first. While it might make sense to complete the projects in other ways, such as by quickness to complete or most financial benefit, the Sustainability Hierarchy would allow them to put sustainability first.


3.What factors should Millipore consider when setting its next greenhouse gas reduction target?


One factor that we think would be important for Millipore to consider would be looking at their supply chain and trying to influence any external companies involved to join in their mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As of the initial plan, Millipore identified 3 scopes that were used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but they all focused on activities in the company’s control. It would be beneficial to everyone if Millipore could get their suppliers/distributors/etc. to join in the sustainability initiative. In the future, Millipore could also look into using electric vehicles. Tesla will be releasing electric semi-trucks, which could eliminate all greenhouse gas emissions created during their deliveries.


4.Considering the pros and cons, should Millipore purchase carbon offsets as part of its strategy to meet its greenhouse gas reduction objectives?


We do not believe that Millipore should purchase carbon offsets as part of their strategy to meet their greenhouse gas reduction objectives. The pros of purchasing carbon offsets are that they would definitely “reduce” the company’s greenhouse gas emissions. The cons are that the company is not actually reducing their emissions, and many view the market as volatile. It is our opinion that Millipore should skip purchasing the carbon offsets if they are truly invested in reducing their emissions. The carbon offsets act as a way to bring the numbers down without actually doing the work.



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