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Marketing : The Euro Disney Case

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Essay Preview: Marketing : The Euro Disney Case

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1. The main area of Euro Disney's business is amusement theme parks, based on Disney characters and movies. Euro Disney offers a 4,800 acre amusement park near Paris in which visitors can discover different zones related to different themes : Adventureland, Frontierland, Fanatasyland, Mainstreet-USA, Sleeping Beauty Castle.

2. Other related businesses are derived from Euro Disney's main activity. For example, there are six theme hotels outside the park. Furthermore, food and souvenirs are sold within the park. There are also shopping centers, campgrounds and other facilities which generate even more business for the Disney Corp. This company benefits from these other businesses because it gains a 5 per cent royalty fee on food sales and manages to spread Disney's name in many different areas. Even if Disney doesn't gain a high percentage of royalties through sales of souvenirs, it still benefits from the free publicity.

3. Cultural adaptation of the theme park in France was essential in order for Euro Disney to work in its new location. First of all, French was made to be the first spoken language in the park. In addition to this, part of the amusements were adapted to French culture, such as the new attraction Discoveryland which includes references to French author Jules Verne's science fiction stories and the science fiction art of Da Vinci. Furthermore, there is a movie theatre which features European history and French culture. Emphasis is made on the fact that many Disney characters are European. The architecture is also adapted o local taste with more depth and sophistication

The park takes in account the colder climate of Paris comparing to Southern California and Florida. Lastly, alcohol is finally sold within the park as many visitors feel that wine is a part of discovering the French culture.

4. Euro Disney's marketing mix strategy:

* Product : Euro Disney's product is entertainment through a theme park located East of Paris. Other derived products include accommodation, food and drink, merchandising, movies, ...

* Price : Euro Disney not only acquires revenue from the entrance fees to the park but from merchandising, transport, restaurants and snack bars in the park, theme hotels situated outside the park, ...

* Promotion/Communication : Euro Disney's communication strategy involves adapting its product



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