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Marketing Strategy Plan for Ukce

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Marketing Strategy Plan for UKCE

UK center for education is a brand name today in Dhaka as a quality English language training center since 2004. Our student number has grown from five students to fifty students in every session. Also, we have started 'O' level and 'A' level from June last year with a group of quality professional and reputed faculty member. Currently, we have 35 students doing evening classes with us.

The purpose of writing this report is to work out our future strategic plan for UKCE with a successful implementation plan.


To be known as the best and creative English language training center with university links world wide.


"English language for everybody."

Achieve the most creative and dynamic curriculum for IELTS training, GE, Foundation, GED, O/A level and business English.


Our goal is to increase the market share.

We need to improve co-hesiveness within our team members.

We must encourage creativity and research work.


We want to increase the market share by 10% by 2005 in our entire sector meaning 500 students in a year as a whole.

Target Market

Our target market is anybody who wants to improve their English from the age of 16 - 40 years of age for higher education abroad or locally. Also, geographically, we want to target Banani, Gulshan and the vicinity.

SWOT analysis


* Financially strong

* Good location

* Quality trainer

* Professionalism

* Strong University links

* Strong knowledge about Study Abroad Program ( SAP )

* Part of CASCL

* Knowledge


* No accreditation

* Small set up

* Old building

* Poor signage

* Lack of marketing and promotional work

* Poor branding

* Identity crisis

* Native speaker as trainer

* Location


* Market size i.e. 29,000 students sat for IELTS in the year 2004

* Lack of professionalism

* Lack of university linkage

* Poor knowledge about the university placement abroad

* On-line education

* Self taught study material i.e. cd

* Distance mode education

* Certificate courses in English approved by the universities

* International marketing opportunities in Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Maldives etc.


* Easy entry into the industry

* Low financial involvement

* Now quality assurance

* High competition

* Visa reduction

* Govt. intervention

Environmental Scanning for ELUS


Our current education system is not adequate and dynamic enough for the global market. As the globalization is inevitable, we have no choice but to learn English language. Our govt. wasn't particularly serious about the development of our education system which is why the private education concept evolved. Govt. might come up with regulation to control this growth by introducing quality procedure in place.


Our economic condition has improved as the country has a steady growth of 8% every year. However, the disposable income or real income is hard to work out as we do not have access to any income.


We have one of the significant change in our social structure is women participation at work which is a new market segment to consider without any doubt. Also, more people are considering higher education as an option rather early employment. Moreover, we have executives looking for improving their current status by asking further education i.e. MBA etc. Lot of people are thinking about migrating to Australia, Canada, UK and NZ for better future.


We are living in an information age which is critical to understand. Its implication is enormous. Desktop computers are considered as a commodity. Use of this technology is going to be the key for any business success. On-line education is the way to go which we need to think very seriously. This will be the faster way to reach our target client. Such as for IELTS mock test can be computer based to encourage people to use our services.

Core Strategy

Our core strategy



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