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Marketing Strategies

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Essay Preview: Marketing Strategies

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Title: Guidelines in Increasing the Number of Sales (applicable in any Industry; most Applicable in the Food Industry)

Researcher: RuthLenlea B. Villela

Professor: Dr. M. Pangilinan

School: Technological University of the Philippines

Year: 1st Sem School Year 2004


How to increase the Sales in a Local Ice Cream Parlor

Summary / Findings


The first problem we saw was that he was only listing the names of his sundaes, since there was no room for a description of each sundae.

While this wasn't a problem for his Basic Sundaes, after all, everyone knows what's in a Pineapple Sundae, or a Hot Fudge Sundae, it was a huge problem with his Specialty Sundaes.

Many of his Specialty Sundaes had fun, 'creative' names, like The Lala Palooza, The Zombie and The Razzana.

Maybe Frank and his staff, and a few of his long-time customers, knew what those sundaes were, but we were certain that most of his customers didn't have a clue.

Frank had assumed that his customers knew what those sundaes contained, or if they didn't, they would simply ask.

People don't buy what they don't understand. And few are going to ask. They will take the path of least resistance and just buy what they are familiar with -- Pineapple Sundaes, Hot Fudge Sundaes, etc.


We've all heard that a 'picture is worth a thousand words.' Well, that saying is especially true when it comes to food. When you show pictures of desserts in restaurants, you will sell a lot more desserts.

Some restaurants are even more savvy, and actually display the desserts or bring them right to your table for you to see.

The bottom line -- visuals sell!

Frank had never really thought about his menu system. The plain white letters on the black display boards had been



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