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Marketing Plan

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1. Executive Summary

Well Pharma, SA is a pharmaceutical company, founded in April 2008, in Porto, Portugal.

The company aims to sell pharmaceutical products, in many therapeutic areas, such as: anti-infective, anti-hypertensive and anti-diabetic. The main object is to create with the target market a close relationship in a way that they will identify the Well Pharma productsÐ'Ò' at the time of prescribing.

The company seeks to invest in a business area with strong potential for expansion, given the aging of the general population (Kotler & Keller, 2006, p. 78). Thus, a large margin of growth is expected for these products, with objectives and targets set by a strong strategic planning and perfectly balanced promotional campaigns throughout the national territory. Well Pharma is concerned on a regular effectiveness evaluation of each promotional investment and it will also be evaluated its impact on sales.

The marketing plan and market research indicates that the target markets which Well Pharma chose are growing and that the company's main competitive advantage is the strong credibility and experience of the various elements that composes it, as well as the productsÐ'Ò' competitive prices.

1.1. Situation Analyses

Well Pharma is a company in the pharmaceutical industry based in the north of Portugal. They are building a team of highly skilled professionals to reach the patient therapeutic solutions that will lead to an improvement in their quality of life. They are developing partnerships with the best producers and researchers to provide more and better health.

1.2. Mission

"Well Pharma's mission is to provide new therapeutic solutions that meet the current needs of treatment and cure." They want to develop a rigorous work to suit the innovative therapeutic solutions.

They also want to be a competitive working team, dynamic that contributes to a better business and economic landscape.

1.3. Goals

The objectives are clear:

• Contribute to continuous improvement of patients quality of life,

• Providing therapeutic solutions to meet current needs of cure and treatment of many different diseases,

• Develop the daily work towards the health and life with professionalism and dedication.

Well Pharma have a commitment to society. Well Pharma has high effective drugs, with its quality and value recognized. For the company, scientific and technological developments have to serve a better quality of life.

1.4. Team

The structure



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