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The Shoe Doctor Marketing Plan

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Essay Preview: The Shoe Doctor Marketing Plan

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I. Introduction:

I have created a marketing plan for "The Shoe Doctor". The Shoe Doctor will be a local business in the Brownsville area that will offer shoe repair services. There are only a small number of businesses in the valley that offer shoe repair, thus the need for a shoe repair service in the area is vast.

II. Target Market:

The proposed target market for "The Shoe Doctor" will be the lower and middle income residents of Brownsville, TX.

III. Competition:

The first main competition The Shoe Doctor will face is the Olvera Shoe and Boot Repair shop. Nevertheless, Olvera Boot and Shoe Repair has many flaws. These include slow service, dirty atmosphere and a poor location that is hard to find and distinguish. The second but weaker competitors are the several shoe repair shops in the Matamoros, TL area. Many of the shoe repair shops across the border do offer inexpensive and quality work however the simple fact of traveling to Mexico is time consuming and expensive. Customers must pay bridge expenses that can add up too $8 dollars plus parking and fuel cost. These factors can definitely prevent customers from choosing a shoe repair shop across the border.

IV. Marketing and Sales Objectives:

The central marketing objective for The Shoe Doctor will be to achieve community awareness of our business and our services. This will be done by placing weekly advertisement on the local Bargain Book paper, placing two billboard ads, and encouraging customers to spread the word. The sales objectives will be too attain and sustain an average of 30 customers repair orders per work day.

V. Product & Service:

The Shoe Doctor will provide shoe repair services along with shoe products such as cleaners, deodorizers, shoelaces, soles and many other shoe accessories. The shoe repair services will vary from shoe cleaning to actual repairs. All types of shoes will be received, including men's women's and children's. Shoe cleaning, restoration, scratch fix, sole replacement and painting are just some of the many services that will be offered at The Shoe Doctor. Quality work and affordable prices will be the main objective for The Shoe Doctor.

VI. Service Price:

Prices at The Shoe Doctor will be as follows:

1. Shoe restoration clean with polish & buff: $4.99

2. Scratch & Tear patch up: $3.99 - $.99

3. Sole repair: $6.99

4. Sole replacement: $10.99

Product Prices:

Shoe Polish Cream (black/white/brown) $2.99

Shoe deodorizing spray: $1.99

All shoelaces: $1.50

Gel In-soles: $6.75

Customers purchasing repairs will receive 20% off any product ! ! !

There will be a six month warranty on all repairs

VII. Distribution Channel (Place):

The location for The Shoe Doctor will be at The Paseo Plaza Shopping center. The shopping center is located at 2344 FM802 in Brownsville, TX. This



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