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Marketing Case

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When it comes to management and leadership a personal trait have to take place within that person. While the development of personal growth and job skills and the commitment to strive for excellence one will also strive for personal change within oneself to perform a job well done. The meaning of success to any two people is never the same, what a person learn over there life span can affect or benefit how a job is done. A person can view success as completing school while another can view success as having children, getting married or even making another person's life a living hell. This paper will include self assessment of current position, desired position, personal drive and restraining forces on managing the environment, planning and program design, organizational design human resources development, supervision, financial management, information system program evaluation and leadership.

Personal growth and learning are something learns or instilled in a person's life from the values and ethics they were taught. Most of the values and ethics people carry throughout their life are mostly learned from family. Some people learn personal growth from society and friends. As for my values is based on what I learned as a child from my family and friends. I currently work as a nurse assistant doing private duties in home visit. This position is basically taking care of elderly who need assistance in their home or in a nursing home. My desired professional life would to work with abused women and or children. On the other hand I would like to also work as a mortian.



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