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Management Case

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As a ward manager you observed that the performances of the staff are below your expectations for their level of training. You recognized that there was a demotivating climate.

1. State five factors that could have been responsible for the demotivating climate

2. Explain Clearly five strategies the manager can use to create a motivating climate

Five factors that may be responsible for the demotivation of staff are:

1. Feeling under-valued

If staff feel that their efforts are not being recognized or appreciated, they'll soon begin to lack energy and commitment in their role. Any nurse who feels unappreciated for his or her efforts will begin doing lackluster work.

2. Too much or too little Work: a staff member may feel overburdened with a disproportionate chunk of work which renders him/her unable to perform duties well and punctually. Staff may see favoritism in how work is distributed and will therefore give substandard work. Vice Versa if an employee does not feel challenged or has very little to do then he or she may also return a subpar work performance.

3. Miscommunication: Free flow of information is withheld or information is provided only on a "need-to-know" basis. This can be demotivating as it proves that the ward manager does not fully trust the staff to share all available information.

4. Poor leadership: If strong leadership is lacking or is negatively affecting the outlook of the team - certain staff may start to feel demoralised. Leaders who are inflexible and have an exclusive approach to managing a team will soon see a loss of confidence and focus in staff members.

5. Lack of staff development: When there is a lack of opportunities for staff to get training or development opportunities they will see their career as just a job and will just go through the motions without any real conviction or dedication. If a workplace feels stagnant, non-progressive and uninspired -motivation levels will soon dwindle.

Five strategies the manager can use to create a motivating climate

Regular training and development opportunities

Rationale : These can help boost employee motivation and engagement. Most employees will value ongoing learning potential and the sense that they're expanding and improving their skills and knowledge. They will have more pride in their career and work harder to see goals fulfilled. An employee will feel as if he or she is investing in themselves even as they



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