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Life in College

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College life presents many challenges for incoming students. Academically, many students find college to be much more difficult than high school. Students are concerned with not only their academic success at college, but their social and emotional adjustment as well. I felt really concerned if I would fit in with the crowd or not. This paper projects the hypothesis that experiences and challenges of college are likely to change students. College life has an impact on every student in some way. One of the major assumptions of faculty and parents towards students is that they are thought of as irresponsible and immature. The life becomes so hectic at times that every student faces stress at one time or another. Time management is one of the things that a student needs to learn in order to survive in college.

When I got to college I was reminded by the behavior of my teachers that even though we were not in school anymore we were not considered mature consumers capable of exercising rational choice in the pursuit of educational services. Undergraduates were not regarded as responsible adults, but as immature adolescents needing guidance and nurturing. The students were labeled this because they choose to ignore restriction and rule put by the college authorities. Students believe that nothing is learned in the class and all is there to gain in the extra curricular activities. The norms of college life insist upon participation in extracurricular activities. To decline to participate in them, to hold off from engaging in-group life because one wanted to study or pursue private interests, is considered selfish. College life is not just fun; it is important for life after college. The propensity to join organizations, to participate in extracurricular activities, to engage with others is thought to be a desirable trait well worth encouraging through social pressure.

Stress is surrounding people on a daily basis. They can welcome it as a friend or run from it as an enemy, but it will be there. Today's hectic lifestyles are contributing to the amount of stress on individual faces. Finding time for work, classes, family life and homework can make people feel like they're jugglers in a three-ring circus. We need a balance: academic, social, spiritual and physical. Students tend to focus on the mental area while in college, neglecting others aspects of their lives, which can throw them off balance.

While midterms may



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