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Level of Planning Paper

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Level of planning paper

In 2000, the Primeco Wireless submerged, and emerged as Verizon Wireless; the need for speed was gaining momentum. Verizon Wireless Online DSL, digital subscriber's line, is the number one telecommunication industry appearing in the FORTUNE Magazine; it has listed as the most Admired Company. Hay Group Fortune Magazine. The founder of Verizon Company is Darby Checketts; he was a man with a vision. This fast speed company under the CEO, Chairman, leadership of Ivan Seidenberg, has grown into an internet king.

There are over 208,000 employees at the Verizon Online DSL Wireless Company, with an upward of $13 billion dollars a year in technology, it has 2.7 million shareowners and services billions of customers in communities all over America and the World. At least a 100 million people are connected by Verizon network everyday, whether at home, at work or on the go. Women Warriors has discovered in their research the highlights, accomplishments, and opportunities of Verizon to improve their customers lives in six areas that make up Verizon approach to corporate responsibility:

Ethic and Governance

Service and Innovation

Empowering Employees

Promoting Community's Growth

Protecting the Environment

Partnering with Communities

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths and weaknesses are essentially internal to the organization and relate to matters concerning resources, programs, and organization in key areas. Strengths & Weaknesses are internal to the business and Opportunities & Threats are external.

Verizon Communications Inc is one of the world's leading providers of communications services. With a diverse work force of more than 208,000, Verizon has four business units. Domestic Telecom serves customers based in 29 states with wireline telecommunications services, including broadband, nationwide long-distance and other services.

Verizon Wireless owns and operates the nation's most reliable wireless network, serving 42.1 million voice and data customers across the United States.

Information Services operates directory-publishing businesses and provides electronic commerce services.

International includes wire line and wireless operations and investments, primarily in the Americas and Europe.

Strategic Planning Process

Strategy is define as the continuous, iterative planning process, which focuses on

Keeping an organization competitive in its environment (Miller & Dess, 1997). Strategic planning is complex, laborious, and time consuming. Accordingly, an

organization must allocate resources and time to the strategic planning process. (


Verizon strengths are its resources and capabilities that can be use as a basis for a competitive advantage. Verizon business strategy is to archive a sustainable competitive advantage such as.

Cost advantage

Differentiation advantage

Verizon is able to deliver the same benefits as the other communication companies, but a lower cost, (cost advantage) or deliver benefits that exceed the competing products (differentiation advantage). A competitive advantage enables Verizon to create great value for its customers and good profit for itself.


As an employee working at Verizon there, weaknesses are the ability to maintain and keep customers happy. .Verizon is bad at keeping schedule and getting things done when promise. Example customer order DSL service was told that they qualify for DSL. Once the order is place and the field tech run a manual line test to qualify the phone line they find out that the customer is too far out and cancels the order. No one inform the customer that the order is cancel. When the customer calls in to check the order status they find out that the order is cancel. Not informing customer of what is happening is one of Verizon biggest weaknesses in my option.


Part of Verizon strategy is to capitalize on opportunities in the large-business, education, and government markets. Verizon partner with other companies like MSN offering MSN premium free to Verizon DSL customer. Verizon also collaborate with modems and routers companies like Westell and Linksys, the newest partner is actiontec. The latest modem that Verizon now sends out to new and old customers is made by actiontec it's a modem router with USB support and is wireless. By being partner with these companies, Verizon capitalize on all opportunities to make profit.


Verizon is a very dominant phone service company offering services that range from basic home telephone lines to a fast connecting internet service. Although Verizon is one of the top companies for DSL online service, it is not the only company offering this similar type of service. One major threat to Verizon like any other company is competition with other companies such as Comcast. Although there is a difference between the types of internet service, each company is offering it is important for Verizon be ahead of the game and their strategic plan to remain successful in such a fast competitive market for online service. The main idea of strategic planning is to accomplish a specific long-term goals and strategies for an organization.



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