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Learning Team

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Learning Team

"Milkshakes" Presentation Discuss the Week 2 "Milkshakes: Understanding the Job" Video assignment and compare each team members' answers to the questions posed in the assignment.

In class, each team member will be prepared to present to the class a short (2-3 min.) presentation of the product they chose and answers to the questions posed for the selected product.

* What is "the product's job"?

* What are the substitutions?

* What alternative marketing strategies could be implemented to redefine the utility of your product?

* In addition to the product's original market, how will product definition change its target market?

* What effects will re-marketing your product have on current consumer behavior?

* What are the risks of implementing Clay Christensen's milkshake analogy?

* What additional consumer needs are satisfied by using Clay Christensen's approach?



Classic Airlines Promlem Solving Process Use a problem-solving model to solve Classic Airline's marketing problem located on the student website. It is not required but you may use the nine-step model. You must identify and define the problem, and apply a robust problem-solving process.

Consider the internal and external pressures contributing to Classic Airline's current crisis, the objectives and obstacles of the marketing department, and the marketing resources available to resolve this crisis.

Write a 2,000- to 3,500-word paper applying your chosen problem-solving process to Classic Airlines, and provide justification for your marketing solution.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.



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