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Learning Team Charter

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Course Title All team members participated in the creation of this charter and agree with its contents X (Please check)


Course Dates

Team Members/Personal Information

Name Phone Fax Email

Team Member Skill Inventory

(Areas individual members can contribute/want to develop)

strengths include deadline oriented, quality conscious, and Peachtree, Lotus, Excel, Word and Outlook Express knowledge. wants to have a better understanding of computer information systems. A better understanding of CIS will enable her to update daily procedures at her job making them more efficient. strengths involve public speaking. He is a dynamic speaker. He is confident and will do whatever it takes to complete a task. He would like to improve his vocabulary and speaking without using southern slang.

strengths include being detail-oriented, a team player, a decent writer, well versed in all things computer-related, and a motivator. would like to streamline his communication style.

Thomas' strengths include group speaking and leadership, a team player with the confidence to help others improve in their respected areas. would like to improve his computer and research skills.

Learning Team Goals

(May include project assignment goals, group process goals, quality level goals, etc.)

Our team goals are to get A's on our work; to be the best team in the class; to impress our instructor and our fellow classmates; to exhibit honest and open communications; to confront any conflicts ASAP; to allow grace when needed; to be committed to working hard; to be a guidance and support for each other in our personal and team goals. Each of us wants to work hard to ensure that all team members have an understanding of the class and assignment material. Each of us wants to complete an equal portion of the material and then collaborate on the final product as a team.

What are potential barriers to the achievement of these goals?

Potential barriers to meeting our goals are computer problems, family functions and sickness, business travel, and job demands. These types of barriers tend to affect an individual's communication and/or effectiveness in quality of work.

Ground Rules

Meeting schedule, locations, attendance expectations, agenda, assignment completion, communication methods, etc.

We agree that we will hold our team meetings in person on Tuesday after class and throughout the week via e-mail and teleconference. We agree that on the week before a presentation is due our team will meet at least once on a day other than Tuesday to rehearse our presentation and iron out any kinks. We agree that if a team member cannot make a meeting, they will make sure to phone the team during the meeting. We agree, as a team, that any teammate who does not attend or participate in a team meeting, without a reasonable excuse, will be given one warning. We agree that as a team we will sit down and discuss what is not being accomplished and what needs to be changed. We will communicate in a positive manner by listening to everything each person has to say. We agree to go over all assignments due and decide who will do what. We will agree as a team on the deadline to ensure that each member has clear information and no confusion will arise. We agree that if a team member does not participate, their name will not be on the log. We agree that each teammate will look over the completed team log via email and agree to its contents. We agree to send all emails to the entire team so no one is out of the loop. Our expectation for members arriving at scheduled team meetings is for all members to show up on



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