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Essay Preview: Justice

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This distortion of reality results, of course, in a general perception that we are in the midst of a crime wave.

Wright argues that these myths must be understood to recognize the source and purpose they serve, and also to know how and why American react to crime

Wright offers a challenging new analysis of the misconceptions surrounding crime and an evaluation of the role of the criminal-justice system and the social context of crime.

that even with enlightened policies and higher levels of support, no criminal-justice system can, by itself, effect a significant reduction in crime. Since most crime is socially determined, he argues, we need to look at the conditions and attitudes within our society that create an atmosphere congenial to crime.

An excellent essay designed to debunk the crime myth that Black males are more likely to commit crimes than their Caucasian counterparts.

The issue of harsher penalties for convicted criminals is a topic of heated debate in this country. This essay argues that harsher, tougher penalties deters crime.

paper considers the evidence that poverty increases the risk through the associated social problems analogous with low income families.

Gun control advocates maintained that increased gun control could reduce the soaring crime rates of the early 70's. However, most of the arguments used for gun control are the result of careful manipulation of data and emotional appeal. These "myths" are twisted by our liberal media until they are seen as the truth. However, despite the claims of gun control activists, gun control does not reduce crime, it leaves law abiding citizens increasingly vulnerable to violent crime.



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