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Justice in the Book of Job

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Essay Preview: Justice in the Book of Job

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Does the Book of Job strengthen your faith in God's justice?

Why does God allow Satan to cause such tragedy in Job's life, a man whom God has already acknowledged as "my servant Job, that there is none like on the earth, a blameless and upright man, who fears God and turns away from evil?"(1.8) From the beginning, it is known that Job is in no way deserving of his injustices, so a reason must be given. God gives Job an opportunity to prove that under any circumstances Job will still have faith. This simply a test for Job. The whole Book is a "double" journey for Job -- he shows God his faith and realizes the faith God has that Job will not stray from his path. Job knows deep down that God has not forsaken him.

God deserves to be praised simply on the basis of who he is, apart from the blessings he bestows or the reason he punishes mankind (1:9-11) (1:20-22; 2:10). God has shown too much wisdom and perfection, esp. in nature, for anyone to doubt him (Elihu).

Job trusts God no matter the circumstances, and though he might question, it is simply because he wants to know what he has done wrong so he can correct it and show God that he still loves him.

God never condemns Job's doubt or despair . . . He actually seems to appreciate it.

The question answered in Job is not "why is God unjust towards good people" but rather "What justice is God inevitably providing for good people through difficult situations?"

God trusted that Jesus would know his love was always there and vice versa - even though he was giving his life. The good was that he took away our sins.

It confuses me still why children die of cancer etc. but accepting the justice of God is not a rational actÐ''s a leap of faith -- mystery tends to be equated with unresolvedÐ'...patience is the key

??? (does this work) Rich man hires field workersÐ'...some work 12 hr., some work 2 hr., all get same payÐ' condition to God's loveÐ'...everyone loves God/God loves everyone the same, no matter how long you've known it, you'll still get the same reward in heaven -- if you're going to get jealous that you're not getting more reward, then you haven't learned your lesson yet




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