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John Nash Case

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Schizophrenia symptoms usually develop in men/women in their late teens or in there early twenties. It is rare to find a child with this disorder but is definitely possible to occur. Some symptoms are hallucinations, delusions, and disorganized thoughts. The hallucinations involve the person seeing, feeling, smelling something or someone that isn't really there. The most common hallucination is voices. Sometimes these voices that these people hear they feel like the voices are telling them to do things like warn another person that something dangerous is going to happen to them, or can tell them to hurt others or even tell them that they are going to be attacked. Some delusions are like they have false beliefs, even if proven with facts about a different belief it wouldn't make a difference because they still believe in what they think which is a false belief. Other delusions is like they feel like a neighbor or another person is controlling there thought and feelings. They get delusions that people are trying to poison them or spy on them all the time. Another is a disorganized thought which makes them forget things because nothing is never in order or in a correct sequence in there mind. Like if they were to forget a thought or a feeling or a memory they would think that someone came and stole it from there mind. Usually when they speak there lisp is mumbling or just very hard to understand.

Causes of Schizophrenia

There are a lot of accurate theories about the causes of Schizophrenia, but none have still been proven 100 percent. This disorder can generate from a genetic disorder. Also this disorder can be developed in the process of pregnancy. It can be developed from malnutrition or being exposed to a viral infection. That can damage the unborn child's nervous system.



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