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John Nash

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This movie was based on the life of John Nash a mathematician and professor of Princeton University. Who also won a Nobel Prize in Economics in 1994. He also suffered from Paranoid Schizophrenia,through his anguish, we gain knowledge of a life with mental illness and how affects every component of his life and those close to himThe movie starts with his early years at Princeton University but he is not very popular around his peers, except for his roommate and friend "Charles".

In the part where he is in the Pentagon you can start seeing that he is imagining things, he sees a man that no one else sees so you can see that gradually he is starting to get worse and once he got marry and once his was got pregnant , he developed it at once. His illusion was that he was working for the CIA.

It was sad to see him going through the treatments of Electroconvulsive Therapy and to see his wife also suffer to see her husband become a ghost of what he used to be, I can relate to one scene where he does not take his medication, I can understand why. In the movie they don't show much of his therapy but from what I know is very painful for the patient and the family. I think as a wife I would feel also guilty and I think I would also think of divorcing just like Alicia his wife expressed to one of John's friends.

The part where he becomes really mentally sick is in the scene where he is wondering and fighting in the hallways and around the campus of the university , this is the scene where you can see him fully insane and people mock him and he does not care because in his mind he sees different people and hear different things, I think this is the part where I really got interested in the movie, how can someone lose all that you were and become the "Joke" of people, I think for John Nash that was really hurtful. You can see him that he had neglected his appearance, he looked dirty and scary, It must be hard to live in a world that only you see and hear.

But somehow he became lucid again and in 1994 he won the Nobel Prize, and he remarried his wife.

I really enjoyed this movie, I thought it was inspirational and hopeful, it open my curiosity on learning more about Mental illness, Specially paranoid Schizophrenia , I find it fascinating.

In this film "Beautiful Mind" the love Alicia has for him is what in a way saves him ,



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