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Is Globalization Working?

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Is Globalization working?

Is globalization working? It depends on what you mean by working. If you mean working by bringing countries around the world together by working together then yes, I'd say it is working. If you are talking about destroying our culture and opening the doors for terrorism then yes, I'd also say it is working. Either way I believe that globalization is working but not always for the best.

On the good side of Globalization we see new opportunities for poor countries around the world. Language barriers are being broke down through the internet, as well as bilingual teachings in other countries. Countries once ruled by oppressive rulers are now opening the doors for democracy. Minority groups are now beginning to have a voice in their environment where they were once overlooked. We as Americans are able to buy things once unimaginable due to cheaper labor rates overseas. And finally we as American business owners, large and small, are able to do business worldwide where only a few years ago it was virtually impossible. So in this light I'd say that Globalization is working. There are a lot of opportunities that only a few years age were non-existent.

Then on the down side there are a lot of opportunities that have gone out the window due to globalization. Good jobs at factories nationwide have been eliminated due to out-sourcing the jobs across the border. We have opened up the doors to religions which sponsor terrorist activities. We as Americans have to learn other languages to deal with the immigrants who have come in from countries, that not to long ago were to poor to come to America, or who came illegally. Politicians are making moves to help and protect these immigrants and turning their backs on American's who could have used the assistants. To me our whole culture of freedom and integrity have gone out the door due to terrorist networks that have spawned from globalization. So if you mean " working" by destroying America, as well as other countries, by getting rid of our culture, heritage, and security then yes, again I'd say it's working.

Either way you want to look at it, I'd say it's working. On the good side it is opening up new opportunities around the world, while on the bad side destroying opportunities for us as Americans. It's also helping large companies with the



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