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Global Peace Keeping

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Global Peacekeeping

American issues are very important to help the economy today. One very important American issue is global peacekeeping. If we did not have the UN today to help global peace keeping, it would be the destruction of the world's economy and life as we know it. If we did not have these programs to help there would be a lot never ending wars going on. On the other hand global peacekeeping is not always the best thing in the world either. Like anything else it has problems.

The reviews of UN peacekeeping have been mixed, and as is often the case, its failures have received more attention than its successes. Some desired operations in southern Africa, and Central America, fully achieved their objectives. Others like Haiti and Western Sahara the jury is still out. Many others, in Cyprus, the Middle East and elsewhere, have at least made situations better which may have gone into war.

At the same time, the UN's failures to keep the peace have been notable and very often the media get involved. Incidents such as the killing of an American soldier's body by a Somali mob, and the massacre of Bosnians after the Dutch peace-keepers, sent to protect them were taken hostage by terrorists. Such failures of commission have been complemented by glaring omissions. The most dreadful of these was the refusal to act in 1995 as 700,000 people were beaten in Rwanda.

In conclusion, these issues play a very big part in the economy. We need to keep peace with all the nations so that we don't go to war. Even though the UN can stop some problems they can't stop them all so there still will be some wars to fight. As long as we try to make peace though there will be a way to keep peace.

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