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Informing Case

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"I can see through your mind!!" Have you ever heard about this kind of statement? Is that true? Ok, let me do a mini survey. How many of you think that is possible, please raise up your hand. Ok. And how many of you think that is ridiculous and not achievable? Raise your hand and let me know. In these 3-4 mins, I would tell you the correct answer.

Today, I am going to talk about what is Psychology. Base on my limited knowledge, I hope that I can explain it clearly.

First, we need to get known with the meaning of Psychology. Psychology actually is an academic and applied discipline that involves lots of scientific studies in both mental and behaviors aspects, which means people who study psychology always do researches and experiments for finding out the similarities among different groups of people.

Let me give you a simple test, and then I will explain about the purpose. Please look at these pictures. Anyone of you think that are animations? Are they moving? The speed of the turning of the graphic shows how much pressure you kept inside yourself. If it moves quite fast, you have to pay attention, because you are so intense. Vice versa. Actually, this does not involve any psychological concepts. What I am trying to tell you is that, most of the psychological test that we can find through the internet are not reliable. A true psychological test is conducted by a third person, who is a psychologist. It is because the psychologist will analyze the responses of the participants, and conclude the similarity of those people and draw up some conclusions based on different psychological knowledge. This is what psychology actually means.

Here comes a real psychological experiment. This is an Asch conformity test. In this video, you can see that there are some people walking into the lift, they are helpers. The one who is going to be test is standing inside the life, like him. When every helper get into the lift, they will face to the back. When one of the helpers gets into the lift, the testee doesn't show much response. But when there are more and more helpers get into the lift, the testee start feeling nervous. And then the testee try to follow with the group. After distributing the experiment, psychologist will figure out the performance of the testee, and conclude the behavior as one type of phenomenon, like Social comparison theory and Public conformity



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