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Identify the Challenges Faced by the Hotel Chain

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Essay Preview: Identify the Challenges Faced by the Hotel Chain

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1) Identify the challenges faced by the hotel chain.

The biggest challenge faced by the hotel chain is competing with the larger, more wwell-known hotel chains. While they could offer the best prices, most people would prefer to go to a place where they know the type of room they will be getting, and they know the reputation of the hotel chain. Another problem would be how to innovate. How could they expand their business so that it will consistently be successful? This is a challenge that is faced by a lot of smaller businesses because the resources that are made readily available to larger chains are not as easily available for smaller chains.

2) Discuss how the web-based marketing benefitted the hotel chain.

By using web-based marketing, the hotel chain was able to put their name out there. This allowed for people who were looking for the best deal to be able to find their hotel and book a room. It is more convenient to book a hotel room online and by having this service, they have make themselves more likely to gain customers than they would have if people were only able to make hotel reservations over the phone.

3) What are the differences in e-commerce adoption and management between large businesses and small businesses?

While larger businesses don’t need to depend on e-commerce adoption and management in order to be successful, smaller businesses do. It makes it easier for the smaller business to get their name out there and to conduct business. Without e-commerce, I believe that smaller businesses would start to fail and would eventually die out.

4) What types of Web 2.0 tools and applications for marketing would you suggest to the hotel chain? Why?

I believe that the hotel chain should use Google Docs in order to create spreadsheets to keep track of what rooms are available when and what customers are in what rooms. It would also be useful in identifying which rooms are available on what days. I also believe that by communicating more through email would be an efficient way to help customers because it would allow them to take care of the information they need at their convenience and allow them to have a record of what reservations have been made, and the costs of the reservations. These are the two most important Web 2.0 applications that help a small business be successful.



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