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Hy Dairies a Case Study

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Essay Preview: Hy Dairies a Case Study

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Hy Dairies A Case Study

Badaruddin R Motik

Westcliff University

Organizational Behavior

Dr. Hoon

May 23rd, 2019

Case Study 3.1 - Hy Dairies, Inc.


In this Paper we will delve into the Case Study of Hy Dairies where an issue of Miscommunication and Stereotyping happen. We will identify how this problem arose through the lenses of social identity theory. We will see how and why this problem happen, whether there are any other perceptional errors and how the organization could mitigate the risk prevent it from happening again in future

I. Social Identity Theory, Miscommunication, and Stereotyping at Hy Dairies, Inc.

From what we learn from the case, There seems to be a case of miscommunication and misperception for both parties. Rochelle feels like that there is a case of stereotyping, even though the evidence don’t show that. From the case, we learn that Gilman does sincere in assigning the role for Rochelle as marketing research coordinator, he believe it will help advance her career. In fact in this case, it was Rochelle who stereotype Gilman as sexist and racist white male

So what happen?, I have to say this is the case of Social Identity Theory

According to McShane & Steen (2012), there are 5 key things in Social Identity Theory:

1. People define themselves as a member of a certain groups and differences with who belong to other groups

2. People tend to believe that their actions are caused by motivation or ability rather than the situation

3. People expectations about other person will mostly cause that person to act in a way which is consistent with those expectations

4. People tend to form opinion of others based on the first information they receive about them

5. People emotions would screen out large blocks of information that threaten their value and beliefs.

Rochelle identify herself as a minorities as a woman of color. This strong self-identity lead her to have a negative perception of her boss she feels like she is being threaten by her boss who is the member of the “other groups” (white male).

Furthermore, according to Tajfel & Turner, 1986, individual are likely feel the need to cope with negative social identity in an effort to preserve positive self-concept. They use multiple coping mechanisms to fulfill this need, in this case, Rochelle try to cope it by confronting or leaving the company even though it is actually a misperception in her part.

II. Examples of other perceptional Errors at Hy Dairies, Inc.

One example from this article is also what happens with Mexican Immigrants. (Turner & Brown, 1978) said that a status of a certain group's is established in relation to its position in socioeconomical structure and political structure in society.

Mexican immigrants unfortunately are seen as holding on a low status at American Society (Jones, 1991), Negative stereotypes surrounding the Hispanic and Mexicans are quite prevalent (Buriel & Vasquez, 1982).

They themselves the Mexican Immigrants and Mexican Americans, views that non-Hispanic Whites have a negative views towards their group (Casas, Ponterotto, & Sweeney, 1987) They also believe that their groups are discriminated in United States(Brodie, Suro, Steffenson, Valdez, & Lenvin, 2002).

These conditions than led to a situation where the Mexicans perceive negative social identity. This unfavorable comparison of them with the majority group (White non-hispanic) create a negative social identity. Because of this negative social identity, Mexican immigrants believe that in American society, they are the subject of a stereotype and held low social status

This is also what happen with Rochele, because of this perception, Rochelle feel the need to cope with the negative social identity to preserve a positive self-concept of herself. Rochelle then try to use different coping mechanisms to fulfill this need

III. How HY Dairies Could Minimize This Situation

There are several ways how HY Dairies Could minimize the situation, first of all, the



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