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Hotel Management System

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The Hotel Management system is an end -to- end system which automates the dayto day activities in any hotel .The Hotel Management system serves various end users in the form of Hotel managers, hotel employees and the customers .The system will be scalable and can be used by any hotel. This can be divided into three subsystems they are 1.Reservation and booking 2.Tracking and selling food system 3.General management services.



* The Hotel Management System will automate major hotel operations .This can be divided into three subsystem This can be divided into three subsystems they are 1.Reservation and booking 2.Tracking and selling food system 3.General management services and automated task system which generates reports to audit all hotel operations and allows modification of subsystem information.

* There are two end users ,the end users are the hotel staff and hotel manager . Both user types can access the reservation and booking system and the food tracking and selling system .The general management system will be restricted to management users.

* Without automation the management of the hotel has become sn unwidely task ,so this software plays a special role in automation of hotel management.

* Cost maintenance of a specially trained accounting professional in the hotel would be saved by replacing this position with a software tool.


1. The hotel management system's main objective is to provide a system to manage a hotel that has more than 100 rooms

2. The system will be able to handle many services to take care of all customers in a quick manner

3. The system should be user appropriate ,easy to use ,provide easy recovery of errors and have an overall end user high subjective satisfication.

4. As there will be many reservation done at a time ,customers can be affected by this process(for e.g.: there is a chance of allotting same room number to 2 customers )by using this software this problem can be reduced .

5. Allotment of staff can be inventoried in this software so accordingly staff can check out their work process without confusion .

6. Stack keeping of hotel products is a challenging task using this software this process can be simplified.

7. Online hotel reservation can be maintained using this software.

8. Safety measures like threat detection, camera control will be taken care by this software at ease.

9. Propability of wrong management of hotel using this software is low.

10. No stranger except hotel staff can access or operate this software.


 Standard compliance

There shall be be consistency in variable names within the system .The graphical user interface shall have a consisitent look and feel.

 Reliability

Specify the factors required to establish the required reliability to the software system at time of delivery

 Availability

The system shall be available during normal hotel operation hours.

 Security

Customer service representative and managers will be able to log in to Hotel management system . customer service representative will have access to the reservation/booking and food subsystem. Managers will have access to the management subsystem as well as the reservation/booking and food system . Access to the various subsystem will be protected by a user log in sceen that requires a user name and password.

 Maintainability:

The hotel management system si being developed in Java .Java is an object oriented programming language and shall be easy to maintain.

 Portability

The hotel management system shall run in any Microsoft environments that contains Java runtime and the Microsoft access database.


o After every business day is over after 10.00 P.M the Hotel management system calculates the number of check ins and check outs on that day. And it will specify the carry out of the previous day also. It gives a detail report on the food stack used or to be used and it also gives the details of the nonfood that has been supplied.

o Whenever a room is being booked by a customer the hotel management system immediately indicates the managing authority about the details of the customers.

Work Approach:

 The hotel management system is situated in the main management place where it keeps tracks of current booking or reservation details and food stock and delivery details.

 This software gives the ability to the managers to enter the present stack and reservation details in the accounts section.

 A database of records reflecting each in and out transaction will be automatically maintained.

 The system will require some occasional supervision of a trained accountant to verify its correctness upon the system update.

 Every food stack purchased or been delivered will be entered in the HMS software.

 It will provide an easy to enter customer details such as names, address, phone number etc. Once first entered it will automatically retrieve the details next time being processed.

 It will provide an simpler way of employee record .This keeps an database which contains all details including salary of each and every worker.

Constraints and requirements:

Accepting Orders from customers

Hotel Manager initiates the processing of the order. The manager provides ordering information such as the name of the cutomer , the requested room, the requested amount of the cost, and the date and time of check in. The



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