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Database Management Systems in the Workplace

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Database Management Systems in the Workplace

Database Management Systems can be found everywhere inside and outside the workplace. For example, Database Management Systems at work would include inventory systems, flight reservation systems and computerized library systems. Outside the workplace one would find DBMS's such as an Automated Teller Machine or ATM. DBMS's have become a very important part of everyday business not just because of their effectiveness, but also their advantages that I will later discuss.

I currently working in the Naval Construction field and there are many important departments that allow us in the field to make our jobs easier. Since we require different building materials, equipment, and even people from here and outside the state, a reliable and dependable system is required to handle storing data and at the same time allowing us to modify and extract this data whenever needed, the company chose to use the Microsoft Access program. Our databases are set up as "relational" not only because it is the most common database system used, but because of its "user friendly" allowance. The relational structure allows for easy access and modification and is made up of fields or columns and rows or records.

Our database system is use to handle the extensive inventory that we use to perform our jobs. Different vendors from up and down the west coast of the United States and their products make up our inventory table. This table contains vendors, products, product numbers, product amounts, costs, etc. Another table used in the database system is the "Jobs" table. This table is used to keep track of what is used for certain job. This table contains foreman name, foreman id number, product number, quantity, ship name, ship number, ship location, etc. Since our company has employees in California, Hawaii, Japan, Florida, and Virginia another table is needed to keep track of where the company's employees are located and what job they are doing. The "employees" table does just that this table contain fields titled employee, id number, foreman, location, job number, start date, finish date, etc.

I have spoken with the person in charge of keeping the database system up to par and she has informed me that the she has worked with the other databases and finds that this database system is much easier to use, which would



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