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Database Management Systems Memo

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Database Management Systems Memo



DBM-380 Database Concepts



Database Management Systems Memo

CST is a small company doing business for over 30 years. CST provides rehab services with several locations in the Los Angeles Metro area. Due to the nature and size of the business, there currently is no need for a huge network infrastructure.

CST has a ten user network with two non-networked computers at each of its sites. The financial software is a product named Phoenix, and CDP is the rehab management software, and Paetec is being utilized as the clinical software. All products are being provided through Kinetico Services, which is now owned by Town & Country, who is one of the nation's largest pharmaceutical companies.

The Phoenix software comes with a number of modules, such as, admissions, assessments, medical records, care plans, progress notes, and a report writer. All this data must be managed between the concurrent users of the clinical software. To do this Phoenix uses the Howell Interbase 3.5 database software, which is a proprietary relational database management system that was installed as part of the suite. This software is only about 35 MB in size on the server and 400 KB on each client, but currently holds all of the data pertaining to the patient's care which at the moment, is averaging about 300 MB of information per location.

Howell's Netbase software is a good fit due to its small installation size and its unnecessary need for a full time administrator. The need for a larger capacity database may be needed when the facilities will upgrade its small infrastructure to accommodate the software requirements and to meet the accounting departments need for a centralized database system.



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