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Horizon Consulting Case Study

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1. How successful was the post meeting?

Post-meeting was an essential step to resolve the resourcing problem, which was created because TAT app team needed developer assigned back to its project for doing rework to get TAT app approved by apple for app store. This meant many projects had to lose developers.

After the setback of losing developers in weekly meeting to TNT group, post meeting was a successful meeting. All four managers who lost their developers to TNT group were quickly able to find suitable developers for their teams without much collision in meeting. Although Patti wanted Mike Thu assigned to his project as developer which she couldn’t, she was also satisfied by Jackson’s assurance that Axel who was assigned to her project was an excellent developer.

2. What factors contributed to the success or failure of this meeting?

Losing engineers in the middle of the projects was a sudden and stressful situation for all four project managers who lost engineers to TAT app team. But in my opinion this situation was very well handled. The factors which contributed most for successful handling of this situation are:

Project priority system

Culture within organization

Horizon consulting had many clients which varied greatly in their business sizes and the organization was adapted in working on many projects concurrently for multiple clients. Resource assignment was a recurring issue for Horizon consulting because of their project driven work environment. In horizon consulting each project was assigned a designation Green/Blue/Purple, based on various factors like client size or project timelines etcetera. This color designation policy made the engineers assignment easier as higher designated projects were given preference to choose engineers over lower designation projects. This created a clear hierarchy structure within projects.

Work culture within horizon consulting was another factor for success of post meeting. Horizon consulting as an organization had work culture of cooperation. This was ensured by performing various cross project team building activities like softball games. These activities were a platform for employees to have fun as well as get to know other employees within organization. Bonuses of the employees were dependent on overall growth of organization rather than success of any individual projects. This made employees to work toward achieving organization goals rather than infighting to make their own project successful.

3. What kind of project management structure does Horizon use? Is it the

right structure? Explain.

The project management structure used within Horizon consulting is Matrix Arrangement. Horizon is organized into 3 separate departments namely Sales, Software Development and Graphics. Account managers had shared responsibilities or doing Sales



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