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History of Rock and Roll Music Outline

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History of the rock music industry


I. How has an industry grown to become a 32 billion dollars a year machine?

II. Ill tell ou how, by scouting new talents from each and every corner of the world to bring us the music that each of us desires.

III. This is the recording industry which even though their sales have been steadily declining due to internet piracy it is still an industry which has great importance in our lives. As college students alone spend about 450 million dollars on music, according to Harris Interactive a worldwide market research and consulting firm. Ever since the birth of recorded music, it has defined our eras and defined each and every one of us. Music has been and always will be the soundtrack of our lives.

IV. Today I will try and familiarize you with the great changes this business has gone through.

V. To make this short I will start in the 50's the golden age of rock and roll, continue to the 60's with beatlemania, on to the 70's with disco and punk rock, then the 80's on through today.


I. First I will start by discussing the various genres that created rock music in the 50's and 60's.

A. Rhythm and Blues

1. Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly

2. Their influences

II. Second I will tell you with more detail the numerous events of the 60's that shaped the way the music industry was ran and the way rock music sounded.

A. The Beatles, and other pop acts and their influence.

B. The shift of interest towards profits instead of creativity in the Industry.

C. The emergence of counter pop movements.

D. Record labels look to capitalize on these movements.

III. Third I will discuss the seventies.

A. Folk rock and other sub-genres

B. Disco

C. Punk rock and its deviance



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