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History of Rap Music

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There's always been a connection between sex & music, but a new generation has been triggering assaults, rapes, & homicides all over the world.

Black teens have been tricked into sex with older celebrities by empty promises of fame, fortune, & record deals.

Teens take music videos & the actions of the superstar for what is out-of-control behavior.

Some mothers & fathers have virtually pushed their young kids into the arms of "stars" for financial reasons or for the long limousines.

Rap is an integral part of this subculture that did not exist from either component.

Hip Hop culture was also made up of break dancing, graffiti, and the attitude of how people had dress.

Sexual ecstasy is taking the place of happiness, and this is taking away the feeling of music and the customs of the community.

Huge numbers of young women paradoxically support the music which demean and threaten women.



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