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Hispanic American Diversity

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Essay Preview: Hispanic American Diversity

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There are numerous cultures and differences that are overlooked everyday by society. One of these differences is between Latinos. Latinos do not just consist of one type of people. Latinos consist of many groups of people that share a common language. Some types of Latinos include Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, and Columbians. These families share similar as well as different linguistics, politics, economic situations, religious views, and family values.

Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, and Columbians have all had many people who are bilingual. The students of bilingual families have had the opportunity to have a number of bilingual schools or classes that provide them with a better understanding of the English language. These classes also allow Hispanics to learn English while being taught in their main language. These four Hispanic groups speak Spanish but that does not mean that they all are fluent in Spanish. Many Hispanics may have been born in the United States and received English as their first language. In Columbia a primary language is Spanish but they also have many other languages spoken. This differs from other origins such as Mexico because most places have one main language.

Mexican Americans have been striving to get more people involved in the politics of the United States. They have even formed an organization called Mexican American Political Association (MAPA). This organization provides news that most effects Latinos. The organization stands up for Latinos and problems that they are facing. They speak out against ideas that are currently being stated that may affect them.

Despite the bilingual classes available to Latinos, only 28% of Latinos graduate from high school (PPIC, 2002). Mexican Americans have economically improved over the years. Unfortunately, at the same time that wages for Mexican Americans improve, the wages for other United States workers also raises.

Religious beliefs and family values have helped Mexican Americans continue to make a life in the United States possible. Mexican Americans are very religious. It is very common for a Mexican American to be strongly Catholic. JSRI states that one third of the Roman Catholic Church population in the United States is made up of Mexican Americans. These religious beliefs are carried over to their family values. Mexican Americans strongly believe that family responsibilities come before any other responsibilities. Mexican Americans also believe that the father is the head of the family which the mother takes care of the home and children. It may not come to ones surprise if a son would drop out of school in order to better support his family.

Puerto Ricans commonly reside most in New York. Other popular states that many Puerto Ricans live in are New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts (Wikipedia, 2008).

Puerto Ricans have been socially known history of fighting against prejudice in the United States. Even though Puerto Ricans fight the prejudice against the United States they still participate in the Army and support the country in its wars. They are even the second largest Latino group to register and vote.

Puerto Ricans economically were thought to be very poor. Their wages have actually been proven to average more then Mexican Americans and Dominicans. They actually make less than the average Asian American, Cubans, and other Hispanic Americans. Unlike Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans have 63% graduated from high school according to Wikipedia (2008). Other the other hand, only 9% of Puerto Ricans graduated from college with a four year degree.

The most common religion amongst Puerto Ricans is Catholic. At Catholic events one can expect to experience a small party for close family and friends. This type of party would be seen on political holidays as well as religious (Puerto Ricans, 2007). Deaths around Puerto Ricans are continued with prayers for the dead in which lasts nine days (Puerto Ricans, 2007). These events and religious values also keep the Puerto Rican family together. Puerto Rican families hold similar values to Mexican Americans.

Cuban Americans once resided in Cuba. They now reside amongst the United States. A large population of Cuban Americans can be found in Florida as well as New Jersey. Cuban Americans use to be very involved in the political aspects of the United States with the organization known as the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF). This organization is non-profit. They strive for the Cuban Americans who struggle and want to keep the bridge between Cuba and American welcoming. The majority of Cuban Americans support the Republican Party (Wikipedia, 2008).

“The median household income for Cuban Americans is $36,671, a figure higher than other Hispanic groups,” states Wikipedia. Wikipedia also stated, “25%



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