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Assignment Hispanic American Diversity

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Essay Preview: Assignment Hispanic American Diversity

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss the culture and beliefs of four Hispanic groups. The groups I have chosen to cover are: Puerto Rican, Mexican, Dominican and Cuban. Included in the paper will be each group’s linguistic, social, economical, political, familial and religious ties or beliefs.

Assignment: Hispanic American Diversity

Puerto Rican

Puerto Rico’s linguistic background is strongly defined by Spanish and English. Most Puerto Ricans speak both languages fluently and use both in everyday life such as; work, travel and communication.

Puerto Rico’s major political division is the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), which supports commonwealth rank for the island; has been the leading political party since 1940. The PPD was accountable for helping Puerto Rico achieve commonwealth rank, and was the main political party of Puerto Rico until the late 1960s. Most of the PPD’s support comes from the rural areas of the island, backed land improvement in support of the island’s social class. Over the years, and urbanization of the island, there has been a decline in the popularity of the PPD. Even with the decline of popularity of the PPD; it still remains the island’s main political party.

The social behaviors of Puerto Ricans are not much different than the social behaviors of non Puerto Rican individuals. Every day greetings are used, of course Spanish is more commonly used, one may hear “Buenos Dias!“ instead of, “Good morning!” When conversing with individuals in formal situations, titles of respect are used such as Senor (Mr.), Senora (Mrs. or Ms) or Senorita (Miss). They shake hands to say hello or hug close friends, women greet one another with a tap on the shoulder and kiss on the cheek. Closeness is common when talking to one another and is considered offensive if one was to move away while conversing with that person. Visiting and keeping in touch with one another is more of an obligation in Puerto Rican culture and failing to do so could lead to harsh feelings. It is also considered offensive to turn down a meal or gift from an individual.

Puerto Rico is not a rich island. Most families are considered middle or lower class due to the lack of job options. It is not very common for someone of Puerto Rican decent to attend college or higher education; the norm is to work instead.

The religion of most Puerto Ricans is Roman Catholic, although very few actually attend services. Spiritualism is also very common; many Puerto Ricans blend Catholicism with other traditions like spiritualism, an idea that spirits of the deceased roam the island.

Family is very important to Puerto Ricans. They do not usually live in the same homes, but they do live near or in the same town as their loved ones. This gives grandparents the option to offer child care when needed; like when both mom and dad work. Living close to relatives also makes it easy to visit one another often. Most Puerto Rican homes have at least three children that do not leave home until they are married. They grow with the strict understanding of respect for their elders and are expected to take care of their loved ones when they get old.


Spanish is a significant joining power in the Mexican American community. Mexican Americans will not forget their native tongue; though equally, English and Spanish are spoken in many Mexican American homes. English is spoken in public areas, like: businesses and in school. The domestic language, or Spanish, is spoken in one’s home, for religious events, between family members, and approved amusement, like movies.

Mexican Americans are Democratic supporters because they favor the views on immigration.

Socially Mexican Americans are quiet and family oriented people. Most nod to say hello and wave to say goodbye. They tend to be very punctual and committed to their jobs. They enjoy long family meals and gatherings.

Mexican Americans have been known as the poorest minority group; due to the large amount of poor education, low wages and ob opportunities. Many Mexican Americans still hope to discover the American dream and happiness.

Almost all Mexican Americans are participants in the Roman-Catholic Church. Though a large amount of Mexican Americans, are Jewish and of Sephardic upbringing. Because of the new increase of Evangelists in Latin America has influenced many Mexicans and Mexican Americans to change their religion to Protestant. The Roman-Catholic Church is still the main religion of the Mexican American group.

Most Mexican families are large with more than three children. Common law marriage is practiced by many and divorce rate is much lower than Americans. Dad is lead of the family but mom is the master of the house. Many homes are filed with



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