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American Diversity

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America today is now beginning its fourth century. As compared to other times in American History, we are diverse in our ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Times have changed. Our population is changing, we are growing larger and more varied. We form different opinions on what we believe is right and just, We also spend our time more efficiently than ever before.

Our population is constantly expanding. According to the graphs in Time Magazine on "Who We Are", new immigration of people from Latin America is causing a fast increase. Immigration is reaching a new high, making it historic. According to the article "America By The Numbers" in the next 37 years, 100 million Americans will be added onto the population, immigrants and their children will be about make up about 50% of that 100 million. As of now, White people are the leading race in the United States, followed by Hispanic, and then Black. The Hispanic population is also having the most babies in the United States. The number of women giving birth before marriage is steadily increasing. However, the number of the women ages 15-19 has become less in numbers over the years. Women today outnumber men by a 2% difference. Compared to 1915 age group 70 and older are the leading group age group. That age group is expected to steadily increase in the future. Our population will constantly be changing and growing.

Americans today have a variety of opinions on different situations. We each see the world through different eyes, and see things differently. Religion today is very diverse. According to the Graphs in Time Magazine on "What We Believe," 66% of Americans strongly believe there is a god somewhere out there. There are different religions, and different views on God. Some people see God as an "Authoritarian God," who will punish anyone who is not faithful or doesn't believe in God. Some people see God as a "Benevolent God," who is a positive force, forgiving, and will rarely punish. Evangelical Protestants are the leading religious group in America. 34% of Americans are Evangelical Protestants, followed by Mainline Protestants at 22%, and then Roman Catholics at 21%. Religion is said to "shape our politics." People who believe in an "Authoritarian God" have a tendency to believe abortion is wrong, prayer should be allowed in school, terrorism should be fought, and trust in President Bush more then people believing in a "Benevolent God." People also believe a lot of myths, and superstitions.



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