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Hertz Industrial Analysis

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Essay Preview: Hertz Industrial Analysis

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Analysing an E-Business


Part 1: Industry Analysis

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Visual Design

1.3 Usability and Navigation

1.4 Content Quality

1.5 Value proposition of benefits

Part 2: Choosing a Business

2.1 Business Selection

Part 3: Analysing an e-business

3.1 Organisational Processes

3.2 Business Relationships

3.3 Revenue Model

3.4 Customer Service Life Cycle

3.5 Distribution Channels

3.6 Supply Chain

3.7 Website Promotions

3.8 Customer Support

3.9 Website Importance

3.10 E-business Challenges & Limitations

Part 4: Reference & Bibliography

Part 1: Industry Analysis

Target industry: New Zealand Car Rental Industry

1.1 Introduction

Rental cars are leased to people who do not have access to their own cars, such as when traveling. Rental cars can be found in Rental Car Centers typically found near airports. Car hire in NZ has become a highly competitive market with the arrival of online booking and cheap air tickets offering a car hire package deal. As a result prices are very keen. Therefore the major rental companies have to readdress their online strategy in order to keep up with recent developments. In the car rental business there are four categories: local businesses, local franchises, international franchises or portals. This report will concentrate on international franchises. The two websites that have been chosen for the first part of the report are: & The reason that these two websites have been chosen is because they are both international franchises, they have branches everywhere around the world including New Zealand. Therefore by choosing them I can easily conduct my international franchises analysis.

1.2 Visual Design

Design is communication of concepts and ideas. Good design simultaneously challenges and fulfills expectations. On the web success is often measured by how quickly & effectively the website can convey its organisations ideas. The basic elements of visual design are: color & arrangement. These two elements will be discussed for each websites.


Ё Uses yellow & gray color scheme. This allows user to associate these colors with the organisation. Which means that users will always be reminded of the organisation when they see these colors.

Ё On the website, it has a reservation order form on the central position. Therefore the users attention always goes on the form, which means that the users are very likely to order and purchase a car rental.

Ё The website is arranged in such a way that the links and the member login is on the left side and the advertisements are on the right side. This type of arrangement allows the users to know exactly where everything is without becoming frustrated while trying to find the links.

Screenshot 1: Hertz Visual Design


Ё It uses the red color scheme, which means that even though it looks attractive on the website. It is not distinctive enough. Therefore the users cannot associate the color with the organisation. This makes the organisation a bit harder to remember & promote.

Ё Even though it does not have a central focus point on the website. It compensates this by giving the total user focus on the top links of the websites. It also uses a lot of white space to add emphasis to the text as well as the graphics.

Ё The best part about the website is its use of grids to provide a consistent way of handling the relationship between text & graphics. The grid allows the text & graphic to be organized in an easy way for the users to follow. It also gives the design a sense of order & constraint.

Screenshot 2: Avis Visual Design

1.3 Usability

This addresses the relationship between the website and its users. In order for a website to be effective, it must allow intended users to accomplish their tasks in the best way possible. Usability depends on a number of factors including how well the website fits user needs, how easy it is to use and remember, and also error tolerant.


Ё This website has everything an international car rental organisation should have. It has a reservation order form on the homepage, a member login area, and links to additional information. Though there is a lot of information on the homepage, it still could do with more information about the company. E.g. a little information about the organisation and also some special deals it offers

Ё All the additional information links are on the left side. This means that it is not the central focus of the website, which makes it harder for the users to find information.

Ё It has a reservation form on the homepage, which let you choose a variety of options. Therefore the user has a lot more freedom and also lets them browse around.

Ё Since this website has a customer support system, it means that the website is always maintained and tested.


Ё Just like Hertz, this site also has the standard car rental service like the reservation form and the member login area. The extra facilities that Avis advertises on their homepage include the specials and the customisation of the site.

Ё Unlike Hertz, Avis has the additional information links as its main focus (on the top row). This makes it easier for the user to click and select their desired option.

Ё But because both the sites are international car rentals, they both provide the reservation approximately



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