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Healhy Lifestyle. What Does It Mean to You?

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Essay Preview: Healhy Lifestyle. What Does It Mean to You?

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Healhy lifestyle. What does it mean to you?

When people think „healthy lifestyle” they see a couple of people whos are jogging and eat some vege and not delicious food. But maybe are much more simple things that we need to do to live more healther.

First and most important is phisical activity , if you have a sitting job or you dont like to moving your body you need to take your life in your hand and make maybe a 30 minute walk for the beginig ,or taking the stairs more often then a lift. Activity make your body healfier , help you to keep your weight , but also help you mind to think and make your brain happier then before. Sport can also be not only your duty but also your hobby, and a way to spend your free time instead of sitting in the internet.

Another important think is food. You dont need to eat a vege snack to be more healfy .I think eating less or smallest portion is enough . Also importat is to stop eating sweets, or sugar generally. The worst are feezy drinks they have lots of empty callories and sugar. A little better is to eat 5 meals during a day not only one huge meal like many dieteticts and healpthy blogs say. But the worst for your body is eating fast foods and full of fat microvawe meals. There is no even one advantage of eating this type of food. Maybe the price . but just one.

I think breathing is also important. If you life in the center of the big city is good for you to take a little break of your city life and maybe one maybe two Times in a mouth go to the subberbs or to the forrest to take a little walk and breath the clean air, , I m sure that it makes your lungs healther.

So its not so difficult to life more healthier the are just a few small things you need to remember. All of them have only one body and we take responsibility for them. If people dont care about themselfs , ok is their life. But i dont want to waste my only Chance to be strong as long as i can.



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