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Lifestyles Case

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Every day in our life from each day that passes by, people from every continent faces separate lives. We all make the best for ourselves out everyday lifestyles and needs. Throughout our lives, we have been faced with many challenges from our childhood to present now. From my beliefs I believe that if we made mistakes on our life we would learn from our mistakes , and society today would not have a government of any sort of based on trust. Also we all know us humans make mistakes all the time.

I was born in Dakar, Senegal. I lived there for 8 years, then moved Michigan and I have been living here since. I am African and from a middle class family. I have a younger brother who is 7 and a younger sister who is 10 also an oldest sister who is 21. I'm 17 years old, am now a senior in high school and plan on attending college after I graduate in June 2013.

Being from a different cultural background has always been a challenge for me. Growing up was hard. Because of course, all the other kids were different religion from me. Very few Africans live here in Michigan. But sometimes each day, people lose jobs or theirs a new job that came in. Being around with so many different cultures have thought me to become civilized as one another also it gave me strength to view each other cultures and religion point of view. Being a Muslim in Michigan made me safe, loved, and happy every day. Because it's good seeing your fellow Muslims helping each one of our brothers and sisters, it thought me to appreciate things and to treat people good as I would to be treated.

As for my job skills for the time being, I have plenty of computer skills to help me acquire a clerk position. I also know how to use Microsoft Office 2010. My future goal and dream is to make lots of money of doing computer information technology jobs, owning many business, designing clothes, and many more things. I will continue to pursue my dreams, nothing will stop me. I will never give up.



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