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Fear of a Simple Lifestyle?

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Essay Preview: Fear of a Simple Lifestyle?

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Fear of a Simple Lifestyle?

For me and for many other, it is hard to understand why many object to the homosexual lifestyle. This is utterly intriguing to me being that I myself--who undoubtedly try to duck and avoid modern day 'labels"--have to deal with the outspoken opinions and views of others who have chosen to shut their minds to all ideas of human sexuality; Thus turning yet again to "labels"(which, in my mind, are totally necessary given all the "cool" terminology homosexuals have been given), we are brought to the subject of homophobes or anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender(anti-LGBTs) and how homophobia is truly affecting our society. There are many views of the subject to explore. What is homophobia? Why does it exist and how is it being expressed? I wonder what could even be done to prevent such minor and major tragedies this world faces due to homophobia and homo-hatred. It has become the modern day racism with similar consequences than that of the hate crimes experienced in the past. One reliable resource to some insight of this subject is I.

As mentioned previously, I do not see myself as needing to hold a title or label to ensure the public of my sexual preference. It's not that I have a hard time talking about it; I just don't see it necessary to let everyone take a label and interpret it in any way they feel. In my experiences, I've learned that the term "bisexual" can mean a multitude of things to a great deal of people. For instance, I see it as a blessing--to have the attraction and affection equally for men and women. Also, my interpretation of being bisexual is having the ability to fall in love and have a lasting, monogamous relation with a woman the same that I could possibly have with a man. It is with my knowledge that I know many people take the word "bisexual' and use it completely differently. Many bisexual females can easily be viewed as a "slut" or a "freak (as in overtly sexual)". Even the bisexual females themselves, I've experienced, have said they consider bisexual as just an open mind for sexual gratification and view women just attractive for no more than sexual rendezvous and would never see themselves in a serious relationship situation with another woman. This is entirely why I try to avoid this vague term. Maybe times a guy will find out about my lifestyle and ask me if it's true. My typical response: "Yes, it is true I view people equally beautiful and an open invitation for love regardless if they are a man or a woman." Then, I get the questions of my personal experiences-- which may not be obvious to some--that I definitely do not want to unveil to these people and I tend to get irritated and rebound the questions back to them: "Have you ever done anything with another man?" He will squirm and deny just as my friend Aubrey did in a short casual interview I conducted with him the other day. "I don't know," he says now, no longer looking me in the eyes, "I just don't want to think of it--it just doesn't seem right." Now, I am definitely not one to get offended very easily, but I also by no means discriminate against people for having their own opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, of course. It is only when irrational and offensive comments are made for the person's own amusement and comfort and when anti-LGBT people take their views into action that I become defensive of my own opinions. I hear derogatory comments all the time. Bisexuals have slightly different problems than gays and lesbians it seems. I'm faced with being called a fake and a liar, for example. One of those girls who've gotten drunk and kissed a girl once and TADAH! I'm bisexual! No, it isn't true. See, currently I am with a great guy who I've grown to love, but in my past I've fallen in love with a woman and had a great, long relationship with her. There's no telling why exactly people can't accept others for being so open to possibilities of love. It's not that I'm indecisive; I just have never preferred one (a man or a woman) over the other.

On account of these differences between people, according to, there were 1,968 anti-LGBT incidents in 2002--a 1% increase from 2001--here in America. Gay bashings have been quite a large problem in our society. What drives a person to anger of this level? What is homophobia? We know it is obviously the fear of homosexuals, but why is there fear? Homophobes are usually given this label because they are open about their closed minds. They do not fear their opinions and tend to be the ones that take action and verbally or physically show their fear and hatred toward the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community. There are people who quietly keep their views against homosexuals to themselves to avoid being labeled a homophobic. Maybe they just don't care to bother others, but if everyone were like that, life would be so much easier. I definitely view the label "homophobic" to be derogatory. I see it just as bas as "fag", "dyke", etcetera. However, just as many people are proud of their homosexuality, I am sure the anti-gay activists are proud to be under the title of homophobic.

Homophobia could be made up of a multitude of things. There is the sad, but true theory that the outspoken homophobia of a person could be a result of that person's confusion of their own questions of sexuality. They deny gays and lesbians threaten them and deny their homophobia is a way to resolve their inner conflicts over being homosexual themselves. I find this sad because some just cannot come out themselves in fear of society, therefore, they choose to run and become a part of disastrous society. Approximately 64% of adult males in the United States have had sexual experiences with other men sometime in their life and have actually enjoyed it. There are also the cases where it is said that the person has had a bad experience with homosexuals. Terribly enough, one bad experience tends to dock an overall stereotype to heterosexuals-- which of course, causes a spread of hate across the whole "type". Also, the



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