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Have Sex or Not to Have Sex

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Essay Preview: Have Sex or Not to Have Sex

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Anthony Rising

College Success

Mr. Davey


"Have Sex or Not to Have Sex?"

Sex amongst teenagers and college students is definitely a big topic, should we as young adults have sex? Sex can have its advantages and disadvantages. No matter what the disadvantages might be about sex, there is still always going to be people ages 14-21 that have sex. My opinion on sex is probably a complete 180-degree turn from most other guys.

My thoughts on sex are very old school I guess. I have had sex, with only one person and that's because I loved that person. A lot of people today have sex just for the pleasure or just to say they have done it. My biggest thing about having sex is being able to connect with the person I am having sex with. I don't want to be looking into her eyes and have absolutely no idea who she is or what she is thinking. I think that most people feel when they are in a position to have sex, which they have to do it or else they will have failed in some way. I have had my chances to have sex frequently, every time the moment comes I tell my self not to. I feel that you can do other stuff besides sex until you get to know that person more or until you are married.

So many bad things could happen by having sex with someone you have just met or have no idea where they have been or who they have been with. All of the diseases that are out there are real and can be picked up by anyone, even if people think that it could never happen to them. Secondly, what if the girl became pregnant; you have this whole conflict on having the baby or an abortion. If there were less people having sex with people they didn't know then we would definitely have cutbacks on abortions.

If you really like the person you're thinking about having sex with and you think it is mutual, he or she would understand if you didn't want to have sex. If he or she didn't then you have to ask yourself are they right person for me. Physical attraction and hormones are a lot to overcome but you just have to set your mind to the possibilities that may come out of you having sex with someone you barely know.



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