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On the Topic of Sex

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Essay Preview: On the Topic of Sex

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Note: This article is for the sole purpose of religious and philosophical representation of the views of the author. This article is, as per the author's wishes, allowed to be spread in any manner, as long as the author's exact words and message are not altered in any way, save the translation of the text to another language, in which case the author's permission would be required for the text to be spread. The author's views are derivative of his own compiled philosophy, as well as the teachings of the Holy Bible and relative scripture, and United States Constitution and philosophical laws provided by the teachings of philosophers of yesteryear. This article may be used for the pupose of religious or political protest, but is not targeted, in its original form, for the purpose of upsetting any individual or group of persons. Thank you and God Bless.


"On the topic of Sex"

By Jack McCulley

The real reason that sex has become such a forbidden topic is because that it has lost its meaning. Surely, it can be a sinful ordeal, full of lust and other various assorted sins, but these can be avoided if it is carried out in the proper manner: one of love and emotion, not one of lust and physical desire.

This manner, which I believe is God's intended manner for the practise, is a beautiful and artful way of expressing one's emotions with one's mate.

Of course, certain activities

in the process of sexual interaction between mates are limited, because of the way God intends sex to be. Some activities that Man has come up with in the past few thousand years are sinful, some activities are reserved for only those that are cleaved before God, and of course all sexual or sex-like activities are strictly reserved for two people in love with one another.

In depth of that, for example, the nature of a sexual act must be between only one male and one female, for, as, I believe it was Paul, who stated that Man shall not lay with Man, and Woman shall not lay with Woman, and those that do are cursed.

Another example of the basic nature of sexuality, is that it is to be done in love, and that acts that are done in love are ones that are within God's guidelines. Acts done in perversion, such as sodomy and masicism, are outside of God's guidelines, and are sinful, for in many places in the Good Book are these actions described as being sinful and unpious, and have been the cause of many a curse and disaster, such as the destruction of Sodom and Gammora, etc.

Another thing: Sex has two purposes: procreation, and expression of emotions. We do these things not because it feels good to us, but because we want children, or because, most importantly, because

it feels good to our mate. The nature of love is not 50-50, give and take. Ture Love is defined better as 100-100. You give, exprecting nothing in reurn. I love my girlfriend, not because she pleases me, but because I expect nothing of her, yet she does much for me. The same goes the other way around. Everything I do for her, I expect nothing in return. Yet, I am always rewarded with love for every way that I show love. The same rule applies to the actions of sex and sensual activity: 100-100, not 50-50. If we view Sex as a way of pleasing oursleves, it can easily become perverted. If we view it as a way of expressing ourselves to our mates, it can be quite artful and beautiful.

In finality about the basic nature of Godly sexual activity is the nature of marriage, cleaving and and love. Sexual acts, as the Bible shows guidelines for, must only be between those in love, because this simplifies the matter to avoid sin. Further, certain acts, such



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