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Gun Slingers

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Gun Slingers

        Gun Slingers is an organization made by 5 men that were fed up with people trying to take away everybody’s guns. It was established in 2017 and founded in a town located in Tennessee called Lawrenceburg. The name originated from our ancestors that were from the wild west.

         The Gun Slingers raise awareness by promoting our issues through Twitter (@TheGunSlingers_) and by holding events. We hold these events in major cities like New York City, Nashville, Los Angeles, etc. In these events we talk about why we need to have our gun rights and why we do not need to have gun control. We have musical guests and speakers that talk about their experiences in life where using their gun helped in the situation they were in. We also have food and games set up that are available for free.

        We raise money by holding many different events, such as bake sales, 5k’s, running Bouncing Betsy at different fairs across the nation, and car washes. We go around and speak to multiple organizations across the nation in hopes to receive donations and so far we have gotten many. Also, we have many people at our events that donate their own money for our organization. Lastly, we sell merchandise to our members such as short and long sleeve shirts, cargo pants, sweatshirts, hats, gun holster, lanyards, car tags and dog tags.

        We have a total of 58,000 members in the Gun Slingers organization. There are other organizations that have the same beliefs as us, that believe there should be limited gun control such as the NRA, Pink Pistols, Americans for Gun Safety Foundation and the Brady Campaign. We plan on growing to well over 150,000 members over the next six months.

        We share similarities to these organizations because we all care about our guns and having limited gun control. We differ from these organization because are more active on social and we are continuously communicating with our members daily, and we are also reaching out to many different areas to gain more and more members.

        We are pro-gun because we care about people’s safety and being able to defend themselves in dangerous situations. For example, the church shooting in Texas, the person that stopped the shooter owned a firearm and shot and stopped the disgusting human being from continuing his murderous rampage. If it was not for people having their gun rights, then just imagine how many more casualties there would have been during that horrific incident.

        In conclusion, The Gun Slingers care about the people’s gun rights. We do many things to raise awareness of this topic by holding events and promoting our social media on various platforms. We look forward to the coming year and seeing where our organization leads us to. Our goal is to keep our guns and to be the most known gun rights organization in the United States of America.



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