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Encourage Gun Control

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Essay Preview: Encourage Gun Control

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I want to encourage gun ownership. Introduction I. What is the foundation of modern technology? It's the history of the gun. Thesis Statement: I will persuade you in that, (1) federal gun control laws are unconstitutional, and (2) I will prove the 2nd Amendment is both a "State" and "Individual Right." Body I.The foundation of our country is based in English Bill of Rights and the American Revolution. A. What is the difference between the Declaration of Independence, the U. S. Constitution and the "Bill of Rights?" 1. The Declaration of Independence gives the reasons, as to why America wanted seperation. 2. The Constitution gives the federal government certain powers. 3. The "Bill of Rights" limited the power of the federal government. B. The views of gun control advocates. 1. Gun control saves lives. 2. When America was founded guns only shot one bullet at a time. 3. Gun control will keep guns out of the hands of criminals. 4. Children should not have guns. 5. Gun control will reduce the hazards to law enforcement. 6. If citizens carry guns, there will be daily shoot-outs in the streets. 7. We don't want to ban deer rifles, just assault rifles. 8. Why do you need an assault rifle? 9. The entertainment industry is not at fault, it's the gun's fault! 10. The 2nd is a collective right and not an "Individual Right." C. My rebuttal to gun control advocates. 1. Vehicle control saves more lives than gun control. 2. The musket was an assault rifle, like the AK-47 is today. 3. If you don't want criminals to have guns, keep them behind bars. 4. As a child I had guns, and I came out ok. 5. Law enforcement is often the problem, remember Rodney King. 6. Crime has gone down in States with right to carry laws. 7. The Violence Policy Center wants to vilify the deer rifle. 8. Who knows what the future holds? Do you remember Hilter? The economic fall-out of 1929? 9. The gun's fault? Could it be society has been socially conditioned, into violence behavior? 10. The 2nd is both a "State" and "Individual Right." (historical) II. I defy my opponents to show in the "Bill of Rights" where it bars any particular type of firearm. A. I lawfully purchased the AK-47, with in the frame-work of the Constitution. The federal government allowed it to be imported. The State of Texas allowed it to be sold, thus making its ownership Constitutional. (legal) B. My views are better than my opponents views, because the 2nd Amendment in the "Bill of Rights" is intended to limit the power of the federal government, and not that of the States. (constitutional) C. Not only does the 2nd Amendment give the power to the States, but it also gives, an "Individual Right" as indicated by the words "the people." (language) III. My call to Action. A. Protect your gun rights. 1. Join the National Rifle Association. 2. Vote for pro-2nd Amendment candiates. 3. Write your representitivies in favor of the 2nd Amendment. B. Take "Responsibility" for your life, liberty, and happiness, go buy a "GUN". Conclusion I. The 2nd Amendment did not get into the "Bill of Rights" by accident. It was put there to give the people the final say in our governments system of checks and balances. Bibliography Schmidt, Shelley, and Bardes "AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS TODAY" West Publishing Company, 1991-92. Adams, Les "The Second Amendment Primer" Odysseus Editions, 1996. C.Q. Researcher from Temple College Library, June 10, 1994. From the Internet, The National Rifle Association, Handgun Control Inc., Violence Policy Center, The Department of Transportation, The Journal of Firearms and Public Policy, and Gun Owners of America. What does Lenin, Stalin, Hilter, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Mao tse-tung, and Pol Pot have in common? When they came to power, they took all guns from the civilian population. For this reason my specific goal is to encourage gun ownership. Introduction: The gun 1st appeared in Europe's literature in 1326. It evolved into a mechanical tool as no other tool before it, it incorporated different materials like wood and metal, it also involved physics, chemistry and had ignition. Thus, making the gun the foundation of modern technology, not to mention the fact it gave America its freedom."The shot that was heard around the World" April 19,1775. In 1689 the English Bill of Rights, was passed by Parliament in responsed to King James II trying to disarm his subjects. The English Bill of Right allowed the people to be armed "suitable to their condition" and "allowed by law." This Right was then transferred

to the American colonies, and after the American Revolution, our Bill of Rights of 1791, further strengthed the Right to Bear Arms with the words "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Thesis Statement: I will persuade you in that, (1) federal gun control laws are unconstitutional, and (2) I will prove that the 2nd Amendment is both a "State" and "Individual Right." Can any of you tell me the difference between the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the "Bill of Rights"? Lets start with the Declaration of Independence.What was the pur- pose of the Declaration of Independence? It outlined the reasons as to why the 13 colonies wanted sep- eration from Britian. What does the United States Constitution do? It outlines the federal government and gives it certain powers, these powers are stated within the document itself. What does the "Bill of Rights" do? (the Rights of the Individual). It limits the power of the federal government. How does the "Bill of Rights" limit the power of the federal government? Well, let me 1st give you an example. Can the federal government establish a federal religion? No! Why not? Because the 1st Amendment prohibits it. Lets look at the 1st Amendment. It says in part. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of rel-igion." Thus the "Bill of Rights" forbids the federal government in the establishment of a federal religion. So lets use a little common sense, if the federal government can not establish a federal religion. How can it establish gun control? It can't, the 2nd Amendment forbids it, just like the 1st Amendment forbids a federal religion. Let's look at the 2nd Amendment, "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." Now lets move to the 10th Amendment in the "Bill of Rights," it states that the Constitution gives the federal government certain powers and only those powers listed in the Constitution. Whatever power is left over is reserved to the States. Thus, the 2nd Amendment takes



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