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"the radical notion that women are people."

I truly believe that feminism was a positive step taken by various pioneering women in the past to ensure women's right and equality in the society. This was a step for the welfare of the women and also the welfare of the society, as a consequence. So, I agree to the fact that it was a step that proved helpful to the society.

Feminism is nothing but a number of social, political and cultural movement, theories and moral philosophies concerned with gender inequality and ensuring equal rights to women. A belief that there is injustice against women that should be opposed or in other words to ensure women's freedom and rights.

From the very past women were looked up differently from men. They were considered inferior to men. Everyone believed that women were less confident, they were emotionally unstable and most importantly they had poorer leadership quality than men. This kind of attitude really hurt women and inspired them to break the shackles and create their own identity.

The consequences of these steps were positive . Women got to know the latent talents amongst themselves and they explored there talents and thus they were able to establish their different identity in the society. Women like Sheikha Mozah, Sheikh Hasina (Prime minister of Bangladesh). Mother Teresa, Princess Diana has set examples in the society. There dedication, involvement and role in the welfare of the society is remarkable. They encouraged the future women to come forward and play there respective roles in the society.

As we know that every new thing has both advantages and disadvantages, and feminism is no different than that, it also have disadvantages. Family which was the first priority in there lives before, has now been ranked down to second .Now a days women concentrate in there work more than their families. They have got a sort of freedom to move around neglecting their children and household works. As a result, this has created chaos in there family lives.

In spite of the negative aspect of feminism I still think that it was really a worthy step taken. A society consisting of both men and women cannot prosper completely and successfully until and unless both of them share their work



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