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Essay Preview: Globalization

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Wal-Mart's mission is to provide Australian consumers quality products at an everyday low price and with extended customer service always. We would be persistence with their service that will keep the Australian communities growing. We will provide the consumers with what they what and when they need it. The main goal of Mr. Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, is to make sure customers can obtain products of their everyday needs at good value and reasonable prices. Our Australian will see that our service will be a tremendous convenience for them. Wal-Mart's plan is not to just equal Australia's currently K-Mart store but to surpass their numbers and number of stores in the communities. The key thing that makes us one of the largest if not the largest retailer in today's society is our associates. Our associates make sure that our consumers feel right at home. They practice aggressive hospitality we mean they would be the friendliest, provide the best customer service and make sure they let the consumer know that they appreciate them. This type of service keeps our customer coming back repeatedly.

Wal-Mart started in Arkansas about thirty -nine years ago. Wal-Mart became international in 1991 when a Sam's Club was open in Mexico City. Two years later, the Wal-Mart international division was created to oversee growing opportunities worldwide.

Now Wal-Mart Low Price promise is clearly known in just about all languages. As of August 31, 2005, the Company had 1,258 Wal-Mart stores, 1,866 Supercenters, 555 Sam's Clubs and 94 Neighborhood Markets in the United States. Internationally, the Company operated units in Argentina (11), Brazil (150), Canada (261), China (48), Germany (88), South Korea (16), Mexico (722), Puerto Rico (54) and the United Kingdom (293). We have reached great expectations as becoming the largest retailer in the world. Wal-Mart has rank #1 in the Fortune 500 four times in the past five years.

The retail market is in Australia is not a very competitive one. Australia only has K-mart as their leading retail store. We believe that their will be heavy competition at first between K-mart and us. Nevertheless, we also believe that within the first three years of our service that we would be able to obtain a fair share of K-mart's profits. Then, just like many communities in the United States K-mart's name will



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